my petcock sucks

i think i finally figured out that my moped will not run because the petcock is clogged and not letting enough fuel through. does anyone have any good tips on how to clean or rebuild a petcock or am i better off just buying a new one? thanks!


Re: my petcock sucks

Yeah,remove it,soak it in kerosene for several hours,then try to blow backwards thru it with compressed air making sure it's in the open position.Don't use too high pressured air.If you get it unclogged somewhat then blow some Carb cleaner spray thru it but rinse with gas or kerosene `cause carb cleaner is hard on neoprene gaskets.Make sure to be careful not to damage the filter sock which usually sticks up into the gas tank.This filter is very important.If you can't succeed doing this just buy a new one and leave the old one soaking in the kerosene as a spare.WEAR GOGGLES when using the compressed air and carb. cleaner,o.k.?

Re: my petcock sucks

gosh Don... you even give safety tips!

What a nice guy.

(I mean that sincerely... I would never bother to do that)

Re: my petcock sucks

Well,Fred,I just think of that searing,burning I have experienced and I'd like these guys and gals not to have to experience it firsthand.THANKS! Besides,I am a Chemical Operator and I get `browbeaten' with safety meetings all day.

Re: my petcock sucks

Ron Brown /


Don is right, under some circumstances it is the right thing to do. Read the "How to clean your gas tank" post.


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