Sprocket change

Tony Sherriff /

Reading the sprocket change question from "oldtimer" raised a question in my mind. If you want to lower top speed but increase accn. & pulling power on hills which sprocket is it best to change, front or rear to give the least stress to the engine layshaft. (I have a Derbi GPR but Bermuda has a 25 mph speed limit, so I can afford to loose some top speed from this bike, 40 mph to be exact!!!)

Re: Sprocket change

XBrandon EdgeX /

I'm thinking a smaller sprocket at the engine would be the least stressful, although I don't think it really makes a difference.

Re: Sprocket change

Hi,Tony! If this is roughly the same bike Scott Huvler showed me the other day,it has 12,000 rpm to play with.To increase power with such awesome rpm would require only a minor sprocket change,also due to the 6 speed tranny range.The bike I saw developed 14 h.p. with a 50cc engine.Be careful not to over-rev man!

Re: Sprocket change

I wouldn't mess with it. Get yourself a real moped if you want a challenge.

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