Ever wish you had more storage capacity?

I just ordered one of these to tow behind my scooter. I saw a guy locally towing one of those wedge shaped, one wheeled bike trailers so I had to try also.

This thing carries 100+ lbs easily.

I hope the cops dont hassle me being that I am not going to register it. A bicyclist wouldn't so I won't ...right?



Re: Ever wish you had more storage capacity?

I forgot to say that you can find this and other models at www.cycletote.com

Re: Ever wish you had more storage capacity?

Hi! Aren't you a little worried about that sliding on a wet or gravely road and pulling your scooter sideways?(Tail wagging the dog so to speak)Maybe your scooter's pretty heavy,but mopeds in general aren't heavy and don't abound in `road cornering' tire adhesion.I could see that thing hitting a couple of bumps(since it doesn't seem to have shock absorbers)and pulling a moped off the road.It does look like a wonderful thing though if riders can keep their speed down or stay on straight roads.I wouldn't think they'd be making you register it,since it's low and small.

Re: Ever wish you had more storage capacity?

From all the reviews I read about these trailers they tow so nicely that you don't even realize they are there! I here what you're saying about it possibly skidding out. The trailer itself weighs only 22 lbs empty so it could whip around violently and I dont think I'd even feel it. When it's weighted down with 100 lbs of newspapers like it soon will be it won't be sliding anywhere! :)

My scooter weighs about 280 lbs and because the engine drive train and the rider are all positioned above the rear wheel it has awesome traction. It's tires are 400/10 inch. Cycle tote has a great return policy which states that if for any reason I do not like the trailer I can return it within 30 days and THEY will pay the shipping.

The thing I like about the two wheeled trailers over the one wheels wedge type is that while stopped or going very slow with a one wheel trailer behind you it becomes a balancing act. With a two wheeled trailer it doesnt.

I'll post more after I've recieved it and used it for a while.

Re: Ever wish you had more storage capacity?

Well,Don,that seems nice,but the price is a little steep,I'd say.360.00 for the basic unit? I can buy another good `ped for that!I guess I'll just have to keep packing my backpack and essentials bag.I carry up to 35lbs.in them.I have my portable bumbershoot in the `snakelight' bag which is strapped to the rear saddlebag carrier.I still wonder about the mopeds though,since they're way lighter and more top-heavy than your scooter.Kind `of afraid the tail might wag the dog at 30mph+ and hurt somebody.But maybe not.We'll let one of our well-to-do mopeders report on it.BYE!

Re: Ever wish you had more storage capacity?

I bought the "bare" trailer for $265. I will buy a big rubbermaid waterproof container to put in the trailer rather than pay all the extra money for their extras. They told me the "Jumbo clear" fits perfectly in the bare trailer.don-ohio wrote:

Re: Ever wish you had more storage capacity?

>>>My scooter weighs about 280 lbs <<<

My goodness man, what are you riding??? My 1975 batavus is only 107lbs and other than the lights, there's not a piece of plastic on it. It's all steel. I'm 250lbs. I doubt that your 'ped could even go with me on it. As for the trailer idea. I did the same thing myself once. ONCE!!! Everything I had in the back stunk of gas and had a slight oily residue on it. It may not seem like it, but there is quite a bit of unburned oil coming out of the pipe, and after 15-20 miles it'll be all over whatever is behind you.


Re: Ever wish you had more storage capacity?

HAHA richard you are riding a 2 stroke I can tell! Oily residue! HAHA!! I ride a honda 250 elite (4 stroke). Its as clean running and quiet as anything on the road. Sure it's not exactly a moped per say but the real motorcyclists still won't wave to me so it qualifies!

Scooter ...Moped ...they're similar enough.


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