hi, dont know if anyone can answer this, but here goes. i want to upgrade my puch maxi 2hp. to a larger carb, i am thinking of either the 15mm or 17mm. any comments or suggestions out there? is there any thing else i need to change to make one of these work? thanks.

Re: carburator

Reeperette /

Go to 15mm - you really don't wanna go over that unless you have a 70cc Head on there, cause getting the mix right is insane-hard with a carb so big mated to a head of only 50cc.

Now if you do have the kit, go 17mm-18mm - but for the 50 ? stick with 15mm.

Make sure to get a couple of jets for it too, you might need em.


Re: carburator

If you find a larger carburetor and want to sell your 14 mm, I am interested

Re: carburator

i a, looking into it soon, i will post when the 14mm is available. thanks everyone.

Re: carburator

you need to do a lot more then get the carb. and you don't need a much bigger carb. you have to know the jet sizes clip positions correct air box mabye a biturbo and about 3 or four other things.

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