Sachs Breakdown....

I'm about to begin a breakdown of a Sachs 505 engine. The main seal seems to have gone capoot and the engine no longer suck fuel into the cylinder. I'll probably do a complete rebuild of the engine, (rings and replacing parts that appear worn etc..) Have any of you guys done a breakdown like this before and is there anything that I should be aware of or extra cautious about etc.?

Re: Sachs Breakdown....

Be carefull of the wires on the magneto The three of them don't like to move much, and when you put the block halves together without gently pulling them thru the grommet as you go, you will cut one. I recomend taking out the phillips-head screws in the magneto(the ones that hold it to the block) and replacing them with allen-heads, so you can torque it down better.

be really patient with the piston rings, and make sure the piston is oriented properly, because if you twist it in the cylinder, you will break them-experience before I found this forum. You have to clean ALL that black stuff out of the grooves. Break in the engine easy, and add a little extra oil to the gas.

I used a little of the orange-copper silicone to put the block halves together, and used Type f tranny fluid for the clutch.



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