A mechanical and value question

Dennis Shipkosky /

Well, to start things off, I've got 1978 kromag, having some electrical problems with it. It gives a spark, the lights are working, has a full tank and everything, but the spark is extremely weak. I'm not sure why this is, or how to fix it, but someone who was helping me work on it told me they thing the capacitor has gone bad. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a new one, or how to fix it, if I can..? I'm in San Diego and such, so.. ya, if anyone could help, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Now, I've got second question. A friend of mine is buying a moped for a grand total of $300 and some fees to the DMV. It's a 1978 bretta magnum, in good codision with a total of 144.4 miles on it. Does anyone have a general idea as to how much it might be worth..? The only work it needs on it is a bit of chrome polish on the handle bars, the carburetor needs to be tightened, and it needs a new tank of gas, the one it's got now is a bit rich on the oil.

Anywho, thanks for your time and such.


Re: A mechanical and value question

for general mechanical tune-up and repair advice

click on 'resources' above... then 'articles'... then "How to fix your Moped"

Re: A mechanical and value question

Tony Sherriff /

He is probably right about the capacitor being bad, a weak spark is a classic symptom. You could test it to see if it is bad, but would require a good multi-meter plus some other exotic goodies to do so. Much easier to simply replace it, since if it is bad you will have to replace it anyway as you will not be able to repair it.One for any type of moped should work and wou will probably get change out of $5!! Have a look at your points also as the capacitor will cause excessive arcing across them if it is bad and will lead to severe point contact pitting & burning.

Hope this helps.(Just insure capacitor body is well grounded).TONY

Re: A mechanical and value question

Ron Brown /


If you can find the condensor, it is usually connected to the points, disconnect it at the points then, using an analog muti-meter on the ohms X 100 or it's highest range, connect one lead to the condensor wire and one to ground. The meter should kick slightly and then show infinity. If the condensor conducts at all, it is bad. Then reverse the connections without touching them with your fingers, the meter should kick slightly again and settle back to infinity. This test will isolate 99% of bad condensors. If it shows the condensor ok, check all the other connections, including through the points and the plug cover.


Re: A mechanical and value question

Dennis Shipkosky /

Alright, I FINALY Got my moped running. Thanks for the help and sugesting the article thing, actualy helped out quite a bit. Now All I need to do is get it running back the way it was. Seems to lack most of the power that it had. Anywho, thanks again.

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