tomos air box

i'm new to the Tomos .What is the easy why to cleanup the box,or should i say the easy way to get it out. Golden bullet 87


Re: tomos air box

all you need to do is get a propane torch and point in in the opening for about 2 secounds and it will clean anything out

Re: tomos air box

Reeperette /

Whoa...holdup...which Airbox we talkin about ?

If it's the one behind the carb, way the hell back up in there under the transmission, that puppy's made of plastic, and I would sincerely NOT reccommend torching it.

In order to get it out, you have little choice but to dismount the whole engine/transmission assembly...having to do this to get to the carb, even - is one of the major bitches Tomos owners have, but anyhow..

Take it out, and get a good look at it, and it's fairly simple to clean...usually I just wash it out with a little dish liquid and water, perhaps a small toothbrush if the intake looks cruddy.


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