Power Box??

Tony Sherriff /

Looking through the Mallossi web site and came across a Power Box for the Derbi GPR, Part # 2956. Can anyone explain to me what this is and how it works?

It is obviously somethig for the fuel system but beyond that I am at a loss as to its purpose!

Now for the obvious question, has anyone used one and does it work??

Many thanks, TONY

Re: Power Box??

just guessing

I didn't go to the site.

And I don't know what it is... but...

It is most likely a different CDI box with a different ignition spark advance curve.

Or it eliminates a rev-limiter.

There is nothing you can really do to an existing fuel to boost performance.

Re: Power Box??

What it could be is a boost bottle, basically just an empty bottle with the end attatched to the intake manifold by a rubber tube. They used to be a pretty popular hop-up item for small displacement two strokes, not really sure how or why it worked but I know it did.

Re: Power Box??

James Corbally /

I think it's the boost bottle you've seen as Brian said. It basically acts as a "buffer" storage area for fuel vapour unable to enter the cylinder when the reeds are closed. Rather than going back into the carb and interfering with the next fuel vapour charge, it gets pulled into the bottle, ready to go more quickly into the cylinder when the reeds next open than the fresh charge from the carb.

At least, this is the gist of what I've read on the net. It supposedly smoothes acceleration from low to mid throttle (less so at high) and improves mileage a little.

Just what I've heard, they don't seem to common these days. They are mainly used on very highly tuned racing bikes AFAIK. Anyone here know anything else about them?

Hope this helps some,


Re: Power Box??

they have them on old TZR's and NSR's. It allows extra air into the engine when the powervalve opens and what brian says.

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