biturbo baffle??????

Hi, rumor has it that removing baffle from biturbo exhaust will help a little with more speed. is it true?? any answers would be gratful.

Re: biturbo baffle??????

XBrandon EdgeX /

probably not a whole lot, it will just make it louder. usually,the performance of an expansion pipe comes from the back-pressure it provides, and the baffle is designed in conjunction with the expansion chamber to produce the most effective power boost. you can try it though

Re: biturbo baffle??????

Remove it. Most baffles don't do shit anyway except quite the noise, We're guys. Noise is gooooood.

Re: biturbo baffle??????

Ataristyle /

I have remove all of it completely from my BiTurbo. You might want to leave a little bit in there where the gold can part of the muffler meets up with the crome chamber. This will probably prevent the oil from spitting out around the 3 rivets. You will not gain any speed at all from doing this but is much louder. It is by no means loud enough for a ticket. I couldn't even hear my muffler when riding along a '60 Cushman Eagle with a straight pipe. That cushman was LOUD!

Re: biturbo baffle??????

When you remove it, clean out all those little holes... will need to drill out pop rivets to do so. I bought replacement packing from HEETERS for $6.95, its preformed, mine was oil soaked and holes clogged... Doug D.

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