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hi, i have heard there is a way of modifying the air box on the puch 2hp i heard drilling holes or something to that effect......... i have already removed the white tubing from the back. definitly made a difference. very nice. thanks to this great forums advice. any other suggestions?? thanks again.

Re: air box

Pry it open and remove 2 or 3 of the mesh screens in it. Don't bore it full of holes, you do that to the exhaust insert.

Re: air box


Exactly what holes do you drill in the insert and what improvement do you get?

Re: air box

If you remove the insert and clean it up ( they get pretty grubby ) you'll see lands on each of the lobes, some have holes, some don't. Put holes where there ain't holes, your reducing the back pressure on the engine ( letting it breath easier ), so go easy on the drilling. Drill an extra hole in every lobe except the last half of the last lobe, see how much improvement you get in speed/ torque, you'll probably have to play with the main jet needle also.

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