batavus regency--I'm desperate!

My new found excitement has turned to desperate frustration. I recently aquired, BEAUTIFUL batavus regency that had been in storage for 14 years with almost no corrosion except in the tank. It didn't start at first, so I took off the carb and cleaned it (it was relatively clean to begin with), cleaned out the tank with pebbles and carb cleaner--flushed with gas, installed a new fuel line, petcock and inline filter, and got it running. I immediately took it for a test run to the grocery store about 11/2 miles away. It got there fine(the speedometer doesnt work but it felt like it got up to about 25 miles an hour--pretty good pick up-even on the hills). on the way back it started to slow down and eventually died. I think it happened when I went full throttle but I am not sure. Luckily it was down hill. I did notice that if went full throttle it lost power until i let up--then it regained speed. The next day I started it and it seemed to run fine so I took it for another run to the grocery store(i have a large appetite). this time I noticed a smoke screen trail coming from the muffler and it lost power right when I got there. It sat for a few min and i started it up again and drove home with no problems.

Next day--realized there was no air filter connected to the carb!(I am new to the world of mopeds and moped repair) I installed a small K and N cotton/wire filter and put a new spark plug in. started it up and rode maybe 4 blocks at the end I went full throttle and it died. now every time I start it up it idles but has lossed considerable power--I can only put along at about five miles an hour if that. it also makes more of a labored, thuddy, clunky sound even while idling. the acceleration/rpms also seems to go up and down even when the throttle is in a fixed position. -noticed rusty junk had collected in the inline filter so replaced it with a new one. and I cleaned the carb again -- no change. it seems to get plenty of fuel(fuel rushes out of fuel line at carb connection, jet seemed totally clean-no build up or obstruction-used a wire to clean--in fact I think some of it comes out the exhaust--smoky and smelly. I took the new spark plug out to experiment with different gap widths and noticed it was black and a bit oily--the top of the piston head had a film of black stuff. sorry for the long description but I want the best diagnosis and advice I can get. the place where the exhaust attatches is oily. incidentally, there is a choke cable who's cable end connects to a slot in the brake handle but no lever-maybe lost. I tried pulling the choke cable end but it had no effect-it didnt really pull out very far--1/4 inch). I used a mixture of cheapest unleaded gas and "mag 1" 2 stroke oil--1 gallon 4 onces to 2.8 onces oil. did the engine overheat? have I ruined the engine by not using an air filter at first? why has it gone from good to bad? how can I bring this baby back to life? any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Re: batavus regency--I'm desperate!

I forgot to mention--the new spark plug is a ngk b5hs or bh5s and the odometer which works says 1522. help!

Re: batavus regency--I'm desperate!

Ron Brown /


Don't panic, It sounds like your float valve is not operating correctly, allowing the carb to flood, or the choke is partially on.

If you do not have dusty conditions, take the air filter back off until you get it to run as well as it used to, you could be confusing things by restricting air intake.


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