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Wayne Broderick /

Holy Mackerel.

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Let's pray for our country. <><

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Some of us may be drafted by the REAL ARMY! Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

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damn towelheads! I hope bush retaliates swiftly and with much force. They just showed palestinians celebrating in the streets because of what was done here.

towelheaded bastards

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wackyjacky /

It is conservatively estimated that more than 10,000 people were killed in NY. I can't even comprehend that number. I also saw the coverage of the Palestinians celebrating in the streets. May our justice be swift and merciless.

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Remember....heat (our bombs) and sand (their soil) make glass. We can rebuild those towers!

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ok, i'm also very unhappy about the palestinian cheering. but ... let's not get racist here. i think we need to retaliate against whoever did this. but ... we don't know who it was. believe it or not, the usa has lots of enemies around the world. it could've been anyone. and regardless, let's not get racist.

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Wayne Broderick /

Well said, Miguel. All we know for certain is that nefarious forces are at work.

We should all seek to learn more about why people would want to do this kind of damage to buildings that represent both the nerve-center of modern capitalism (trade center) and the heart of the modern industrial-military establishment (Pentagon).

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You're was bound to be the Swedish that did this....what was I thinking???

F*** political correctness at this point.

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wackyjacky /

Wayne B, I appreciate the point you're trying to make, but in all honesty I could care less "why" someone would do something like this. It is not possible to justify an act of this magnitude, no matter what your cause is or your beliefs are. "Why" is irrelevant. "Who" is crucial so that they may be found and punished.

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Wayne Broderick /

Innocent people shouldn't be killed.

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Wayne Broderick /

wackyjacky: "Why" is irrelevant.

Not if we want to prevent it from happening again.

Are you suggesting that a knowledge of the motives of the terrorists won't help prevent future attacks?

Re:Pearl Harbor

Wayne Broderick /

I'm obviously stirring a bees nest, hoping the result is a great discussion of the world we live in. I DO NOT want to offend anyone, and hope that nobody takes offense. This isn't directly "Moped" related, but I think the political ideas of the Army (ranging from "left" to "right") are important.

Here's an idea I know will cause a lot of trouble:

In Pearl Harbor, the Japanese launched a super-secret attack on a core U.S. Military base. The objective was to disable the Pacific fleet. Everone here knows that information to be 100% true.

In retaliation for the successful attack, we dropped atomic bombs on two "Virgin" cities (virgin meaning never sustained previous bombing damage). The people in those cities (students, mothers, grandparents, infants) were kiled and maimed, melted and mutated.

The Japanese bombed American Navy warships. So, of course, we thought it reasonable to A-Bomb their citizens, who don't have anything to do with Japanese aggression or foreign policy.

Does that make sense? Am I missing something?

Re:Pearl Harbor

<<<The Japanese bombed American Navy warships. So, of course, we thought it reasonable to A-Bomb their citizens, who don't have anything to do with Japanese aggression or foreign policy. >>>

Of course somewhere in the middle of that statement an entire world war happened...but that's a minor issue....

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wackyjacky /

Like I said, I appreciate your point in general, and I would even go so far as to say I agree with it: discerning the motives behind terrorist acts could indeed aid in preventing future attacks. That said, however, I would repeat that in my opinion, an attack of this nature, on such a huge scale, can not possibly be the terrorists' motives, whatever they may be, are of no concern to me, except where an examination of the motives may help identify the guilty parties.

Anyway, I sure don't want to argue with anybody. This is a time for us all to unite and extend our sympathies to all the victims and their families.

Peace be with you!

Re:Pearl Harbor

Wayne Broderick /

So, it's okay to A-bomb non-military citizens of another nation....?

Re:Pearl Harbor

Hiroshima and Nagasaki had large factories supplying the war effort along with big populations. There were strategic targets there. Hell, my Mazda truck was made there...they rebuilt factories for industry.

Re:Pearl Harbor

Wayne Broderick /

I do agree with you on that, civillian cities play a huge role in any war effort.

If we agree that Hiroshima was a key gear in the war effort for Japan, does that justify use of nuclear weapons on those citizens living within that city?

Re:Pearl Harbor won the war. It's a harsh reality. How many more people would have died if the war went on? Sorry.....

Culture of Death

Wayne Broderick /

Would you agree that somebody born in Japan who was attending a school in Hiroshima might feel totally different about the use of the Atom Bomb??

My last point is that Killing for your idealogy is always wrong. I've been debating with a friend about this. He says that sometimes you just 'have' to kill. If not, you enable the killers. Nothing new. Thoreau had the same trouble: "If your government says you have to go kill, and you go kill someone, are you morally guilty. Thoreau, at least would agree that killing because you are ordered to, is wrong, unless you believe in your cause. I get the impression that Thoreau would encourage killing other people if you really thought it had to be done.

the catch 22 is that, once you say "it's okay to kill for my idealogy" you make it OK for everyone else to kill for their own idealogy.

Consider the following statements, each one is 'true' from a certain perspective.

Germany: "It's okay to burn up the Jews, because we believe it is right and they are evil animals"

America: "It's okay to kill the North Vietnamese, because we believe in Democracy and we hate commies!"

Terrorist: "It's okay to blow up an American building, because we believe America is evil and corrupt..."

Palestine: "It's okay to kill Isralites, because we know we are right"

Isreal: "We believe the Palestines are wrong, so we kill them..."

Religion:" I kill because I think my religion is better!!"

Spanish" We kill because these people are savages, and have a lot of gold"

Huge companies: We know our emissions are killing people, but we believe profit is more important that life"

Anybody in charge: It's okay to bomb them, after all, they bombed us. (does that make it okay for us to bomb them AGAIN?)- if so, it's a repeating loop of bombings

Please don't ever assume I'm Anti-American..... I'm more like, "Anti-profit" and "Anti-death" Instead of building a Trillion dollar missile shield, why don't we send a trillion dollars of food to all the people who hate us. No matter what they say about us, keep helping them eat and develop-- sooner or later, if someone keeps feeding and helping you, you'll like them.

This carnage we're seeing is the manifestation of what I call "A global culture of death"

It's not just our century... Seriously, human 'civilization' goes back about 12,000 - 15,000 years. That's when people really settled down in one place. Something seems to make people hunger for blood. Romans, Babylonians, you name it they fought or conquered. Our nature is to Kill, Kill, Kill. Technology only helps us kill more, faster.

Re: Culture of Death

We don't agree on this issue and you can't convince me otherwise. I must go and "make profits" now....

Re: Culture of Death

Wayne Broderick /

You're not alone. You should see how upset my Grandfather gets when I tell him this stuff.

Profit is why American companies sold tons of material to the Germans. Companies knowing the germans were using the raw material to build weapons.

Why didn't we stop selling Germany the material? Profit. In fact, American companies didn't stop selling to Germany until the president made it clear that "Further commerce with Germany would be treasonous"

Irony is when the raw material American companies sold to the Germans is used to take the lives of Americans. The profit was all that mattered.

So, yes, if you were an American soldier, killed by German weapons made from material sold by American Companies who knew there was a War effort in progress in Germany, Profit played a pivotal role in your death.

Hey, we sell them steel and chemicals... who cares what they do with it...? It's great for our bottom line...! German war effort, yeah right.

Re: Culture of Death


Your "timing" to voice your obviously angry opinions about the USA is at best sh*tty. We were attacked today - we were not at war when it happened - innocent people died - and you want to bring up Pearl Harbor. Give it a rest today, OK... Now is not the time. Enjoy your comfortable American life. Try complaining about genetically modified food as your stuffing your face or something. E'nuff on this friggin' topic already!

Re: Culture of Death

Wayne Broderick /

The mainstream media brought up pearl harbor, and innocent people dying is exactly the point.

Bastards in Palestine...

Did you see the cars they were driving? Fords! And those fucks hate us even though they seem pretty comfortable with using our products. Also, take away everything that we have done for them and then let's see them even try to survive. Fords. Hell, one even had a little suction cupped ribbon that said FORD in big, bold letters. Oh yeah, fuck the Americans, but we love your products.


Miniengine /

Judge not what our Parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparents did to perserve our freedom in the past, for I fear you are about to feel their same emotions which cannot be taught in history books.


Re: World News!!

James Corbally /

First, I would like to express my profound condolences for those whose lives have been destroyed and those left behind to pick up the pieces.

And yes, this is a war. It took the British Government 30 years to figure that out in Northern Ireland (although they wouldn't admit it). Only then could they talk about peace. Actions define wars, not official statements. They still don't realize it's a war lasting 400 years.

There's probably not much the U.S. can really do. This is the nature of guerilla warfare, strike hard and disappear. It's both ugly and effective. And very, very difficult to respond to. Who to bomb or retaliate against? Only shadows remain, accusations and theories. I don't see much in the way of follow up action by the U.S. Govt.

But I have difficulty understanding why these people are being called "cowards". It is an act of unmittigated BALLS to penetrate the most powerful country on the planet, steal it's own equipment and use it against it with such devastating effect, and with the planning to pull off most of their apparent objectives. Realize exactly what they achieved this day. Did the Russians ever dare do it? The Nazis?

Give them two million troops, air support and the necessary logistics and they'd be on your beaches by now. They'll die by the thousands to destroy you.

These people are not cowards, because they are most certainly NOT afraid. You will have to be very, very careful with fanatics like these.

Take a look at what's been happening on the Ardoyne Road in NI recently, and you'll see the kind of hatred which makes actions like these possible. Look at the children insulting and jeering other children trying to do nothing more than walk to school, and compare it with the images of children celebrating this "victory" on the streets of Palestine, and you get an idea of how deep seated hatred can be. They are steeped in it from birth. And it is going on everywhere.

And when it explodes into the lives of innocents, it is indeed a black day for all of us.

This is the warfare of terrorism. I only hope you never, ever have to get used to it.



Re: World News!!

Since I don't hear and read the news reports you do.. I don't know who is calling them 'cowards'.

But the reason you would call "them" cowards ... is because we don't know WHO... they are.

Certainly nobody meant to call the terrorists who went to their own deaths cowards... penetrating the country and starting the act requires balls... but going to your own death by purposely crashing a gigantic aircraft at 550 mph goes BEYOND balls.

The act takes bravery.

Doing it without taking credit is the cowardice.

But it is of course the only smart way to fight against a hugely bigger foe.

Moped Army Blood Drive

Wayne Broderick /

I'm mortally afraid of hospitals and blood.... but I'm going to go and donate tomorrow. My wife is bringing me, and she'll give too.

One thing we'll all agree on, and I'm sure it would help the people most hurt.

I clipped the following text from the website :

"........The Red Cross is ready to ship blood wherever it is needed.....The American Red Cross national blood inventory system is structured so that blood collected at any of its regions can be shipped to where it is needed most. The National Inventory Management System (NIMS), known as "the Hub," is located in St. Louis, Mo., and is the centrally managed, computerized inventory of American Red Cross blood supplies."

If everyone here at the forum can make a donation, that's a lot of blood.... and it's something that can actually make a difference in helping people stay alive.

Re: Moped Army Blood Drive

ok, i'm not talking about who is innocent, or why, or anything. and yes, i think the taliban or some similar group was probably responsible.

but ... to call people "towelheads" is just wrong. putting the japanese ("japs") in concentration camps during ww2 was wrong. calling iraqis "sand niggers" is wrong. there are many horrible people of any race. remember oklahoma?

i think the us will, and must, retaliate agains the offenders. yes. even if i agree that the us has some policies i disagree with, terrorism is wrong. attacks against innocent people should never be accepted or rationalized.

but i will not let myself become so blinded by rage that i revert to primordial ethno-centrism. i feel sorry for all the arab-americans and how they will be targets of racism and persecution in the time to come (as they were during desert storm, even if they weren't even iraqis).

if you can give blood, you should. if you want to pray, do so.

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