Moped Crossing (Photo)

Wayne Broderick /

This is kind of dumb-- A sign (for sale on E-bay) that says "Moped Crossing" but has an obvious picture of a scooter, not a moped.


Re: Moped Parking (Photo)

Wayne Broderick /

And another:

It says "Moped parking only, all others will be pedaled away"

again, it has a picture of a Scooter. I wonder who actually has these signs....

C'mon, fess up. We won't make fun of you if you have this sign on your garage...!! (Right next to your plastic lawn flamingo...)


Re: Moped Crossing (Photo)

mike hartel /

thats for me

Re: Moped Parking (Photo)

Here is one I made (that is correct). It's not an actual sign just a graphic. I'm not selling any...unless there is a high demand. Maybe I should send it to this other guy so he knows what a moped actually looks like.


Oops! Here is the real photo

This is the one I meant to post...I hope.


even better

one without that blue'd that happen?


Sorry for so many post

<A HREF="">;


width="249" height="407" border=0 align=middle></A><BR><BR>Just wanted to see if I could place a picture in the message space rather than just attaching it.

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