Leo Davinci for tomos


Has anyone ever tried a Leo Davinci exhaust for a targa or targa LX? If so, is it better than the BiTurbo system? also, how have your experiences with big bore kits been on the targas? Thanks, Steve

Re: Leo Davinci for tomos

Wayne Broderick /

Haven't heard of the Davinci. Here's a link to a recent thread regarding the 70cc kits for the Tomos.


Re: Leo Davinci for tomos

i think he means leo vinci, and they dont make them for tomos as of yet, only puchs. i just order one, and a 70cc kit for my puch. This will be my second 70cc kit, the first was on my tomos. DO NOT buy a 70cc kit for a tomos, unless u like dropping $300 every couple moths for a new tranny like i did. The puch mopeds (most of em anyways) have now trnasmission, only a sigle speed clutch, so its much more durable then a 2 speed tranny, which has more parts, and more likely to break. Go find a deadbeat puch, and throw a kit on it. I payed $20 for my puch, and almost $400 for the kit. Odd numbers, sheesh. il let u know how it works out

odd numbers

J. Sailor /

I once paid 84.63 for a hotel and $20.00 for a hooker.

Re: odd numbers

what? hookers dont have sales tax??

Re: odd numbers

J. Sailor /

not yet

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