Puch Moped Repair/Service

I live in Pennsylvania and I am looking for someone/somplace that could service/repair my 1977 Puch Maxi.....Thank you

Re: Puch Moped Repair/Service

i know it might seem far but there is a shop in virginia i work there if you want the best parts and service call or come to MOPEDS MPG (703) 573-9655 you can call for tips or parts whereever you are will ship to you most of the time depends how the whole terrorist thing goes (grounded planes).

Re: Puch Moped Repair/Service

HI I need some help...

I recently got a honda elite but the muffler is cracked and it makes way too much noise..Is there anything i can wrap around it so it isn't so noisy?

i cannot afford repair so i need to find a temporary solution..something i can do myself thanks


Re: Puch Moped Repair/Service

Sarah,do you have a friend who can do soldering and brazing?Well,if not,there are temporary fixes called `muffler repair kits' at auto parts stores that may quiet it for a little while.But if it's cracked at the exhaust pipe flange bolting to the jug,you almost certainly need it brazed or welded.Impose on your friends;that's what they're all about.Helping out.If you do get a muffler repair kit,you usually should wear latex gloves while handling the components of the kit.READ DIRECTIONS and follow EXACTLY. BYE!

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