Wald folding baskets

These things are great for mopeds and scooters. In the picture one of my baskets is open and the other one is folded up. They are $20 each and come in black or silver. Great for carrying stuff.

Here's my scoots



Re: Wald folding baskets

Wayne Broderick /


What's with the "No Peddlers" sticker?

I got a good laugh out of it, funny stuff.


Re: Wald folding baskets

Where did you get them? I'd like to get a pair.

Re: Wald folding baskets

The "no peddlers" sticker is something I found in my apt. buildings basement and thought I'd change it's meaning a bit to suit my needs! HaHa.

I got them at a local bicycle shop. They had the silver ones in stock but had to order the black ones.

Damn ...just did a quick search on the net and found them for $13.59 a piece! I got screwed on mine at $20 each! Order them from here and save some tax money too. http://shop.store.yahoo.com/penncyclebuy/508-009.html

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