Piston rings

I need piston rings for my Sachs, and all I can find are the ones with the FG ends. I need the ones with GI ends. Any sugestions?

The engine is the square jug, and the piston is 38mm, with a 1.5mm groove. The pin is centered in the groove, not offset.

The standard piston for the sachs motor is supposed to have a 2mm groove.

Would filing a bit off the end of the ring harm anything?

Should I try to file the pin in the piston groove?



Re: Piston rings

Reeperette /

Not reccommended, but if need be, I suppose it's possible.

38mm ? dunno if it would help much, but Tomos uses the same rings, you could see what ends they have available, tho I think that's a round pin, too.


Re: Piston rings

I don't know Sach's... or the difference between the two ring types you named.

You can file the ring ends (go slowly!)... but the correct 'ring gap' is about .005" to .012"

More than .020" is pretty excessive.

(push the ring into the cyl.at the top and measure with a feeler guage)

You can't eliminate the pin in the piston ring grooves.

They stop the rings from rotating on the piston... if they rotate a little... the end of the ring falls into an open port and springs out and causes major piston and cylinder damage.

Its like putting your finger in a door frame and slamming the door at 80mph.

You should just get a new piston and it will come with the correct rings.

Re: Piston rings

What I mean by filing the ring is make the ring fit around the pin in the groove. The pin on my piston is dead-center, which would need a ring that has GI ends, which means the 1/4 circle on the end of each side of the ring is visible from the top, as opposed to the 1/4 circle beeing visible on the side, like most moped rings available(FI). I think I may be able to file a little off the top of the pin in the groove so the FI rings would work. There's a picture on the moped junkyard site that explains it a little better.

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