Help needed for my Garelli

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I was hoping someone could tell me how I might be able to get more power out of my 1978 Garelli Super Sport XL without major work. It feels like it has more but is being restricted when I reach top end (around thirty). I also need to know what kind of oil I should be using to mix. My manual says only Garelli, but what is an appropriate substitute. Is it better to just premix, instead of relying on getting the correct number of pulls from the oil reservoir? Sorry so long but, I just bought this ped, and dont want to tear it up. I haven't owned a ped since 1985, and its great to see that people still find them as fun as I do.



Re: Help needed for my Garelli

Generally the most restrictive parts on a moped are the exhaust and the noise restirictor (over the carburator). usually drilling a small hole in the exhaust pipe just ahead of the muffler will release enough backpressure to pick up the performance considerably. The noise restrictor is easily removed from the Dellorto carb that came on Garelli's. I still use mine but have replaced the mesh filter with a piece of reuseable foam filter (the kind most lawn mowers and weed wackers use ) soaked in oil to increase air intake.

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Re: Help needed for my Garelli

well, you won't get much more performance w/o major work. 30mph is very good for a stock moped (average is about 25mph).

if you really want to get more speed out of it ... you can go for a larger carburetor, jet, airbox combo. also, a custom racing exhaust (polini or leo vinci). you can also get a larger front sprocket. there are other things, too. but that's the best list of things i can think of.

several of us have moded out our bikes for racing and now get around 40mph.

also, i prefer premixing the gas, since the oil injector could fail and leave you w/ a seized engine. just under 3oz of two-stroke oil per gallon of gasoline is fine. you can also test your plug after running it a bit to see if it's too lean or not. you can use any two-stroke oil available pretty much anywhere.

oh, another bit of performance you can get is from using bosch platinum spark plugs. they give you just a bit more performance.

Re: Help needed for my Garelli

which part of the carb. is the noise restrictor? where can it be found? also, where exactly do you drill the hole and how much will making these changes affect your top speed?

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