On the wheel of my Peugeot 103v, i have a sproket whit 56 tooth.

In spare, i have a sproket whit 40 tooth.

If i put the 40 t , what is the difference is gonna make ?

More speed ?


Tab Patterson /

Yes..if it's on the rear wheel and your engine has enough power to overcome the new gear ratio.


XBrandon EdgeX /

It will probably produce more speed, although a drastic jump in the gear ratio like that might actually slow it down because the engine can only produce so much power, and that power is lessened at high speeds due to wind resistance and genaral friction, with the wind and down a hill it will definitely produce more speed. It will definitely rob you of acceleration a little bit.

Although, the only real way to find out is to try. It won't hurt anything and it's not hard to do.


You know, I actually did this not long ago. I got another 5 mph out of it, but I am still playing with the spring tension setting of the Variateur. It determines how much tension is put on the drive belt / engine, the adjuster is right in front and slightly above the carb. Tighter, and the engine kicks in later i.e. it's slower longer. Puch sprockets will fit your bike, but you will have to drill holes as they don't all line up with Peugeot hubs and the pitch of French chain is slightly different than Austrian. Use French chain but run it a little loose and eventually they will wear together.

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