Batavus Bingo...

Yesterday, I went out to an Automotive Flea Market with 100 bucks cdn, looking for a moped. I came back with a Batavus Bingo. I forget the year, and I'm too lazy to check right now. I fixed it up a bit, cleaned out the carb and cleaned the rust out of the clutch. It turns over, and has a great looking spark.

I need to know where I can get information on this thing. I went to the Batavus Bikes website, but apparently, they make bicycles now. Besides, I can't read dutch.

If you can, please tell me a site where I can find some info on this thing.

I've posted a picture of it. I'll post 2 more in my thread.

-G. Clark


Next Pic.

-G. Clark


Pic of The Engine

There ya go. :P


Re: Pic of The Engine

If you need parts for batavus' go to

Re: Pic of The Engine

Dude that is exactly idenical to mine, something i thought i would never see. weird


Re: Batavus Bingo...

Try mopedwarehouse .their less expensive

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