carb clean

i wanna know how to clean and drain my carb w/o taking it off thanks for reply

Re: carb clean

you really should take it off to clean it. the part where the jets are (the jets are usually the parts that need cleaning most) is called the float bowl, and its usually on the bottom of the carb. at least on my moped, its pretty much impossible to get it off without taking the whole carb off. just put a bucket or a pan under the engine when you do take it off, just in case some gas spills out when you take the carb off. don't worry, it shouldn't be that hard!


Re: carb clean

Good luck. Just take it off, it's not too much of a task. I took off and cleaned the carb on my moped (it had been sitting in a barn for around 5 years, full of spiders and stuff) in about a half hour to an hour.

-G. Clark

Re: carb clean

i don't think you can clean the carb w/o taking it off. it only takes a second to pop it off and another to put it back on. and you will be able to fully clean and take apart you carb.

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