Help With my 1989 Trac olympic blitz


I have a 1989 Trac olympic blitz with a motor on it made by Daelim Motor Corp. Its got a restrictor built into/onto it and i dont know where it is. As soon as the speed-o-meter hit 25mph on the dot it cuts off the spark. I mean it will shoot up to 25mph no prob but then this restrictor thing just hods it back and wont let it keep speeding up. Ree had posted me a link to some guys site before that knows alot bout this motor but his site had nothing about removing a restrictor. Iv checked the fuel line for some kind of governer and the throttle cabe for a stopper of some sort ( very common of go-karts) and nothing. I think its got something to do with the ignition coil its self mabey. Its not the plug crapping out on my i just replaced it 2 days ago. If any body has any thoughts on this at all lemmie know will you? This is a real stumper for me. I even removed the speed-o-meter cable from the bike to see if it was something inside the thing that would click a switch or something when it got to 25 to kill the spark, but I could still fell it cutting off.


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Re: Help With my 1989 Trac olympic blitz

Miniengine /

Does it run any different without the air filter?

Re: Help With my 1989 Trac olympic blitz

Hello, I read about a bike that done the same thing, don`t remenber alot about it but it had a thing, where the points were worked off centrical force that you get to that RPM, it would shut down spark, they tied it up, and would go to no end.. may have been on a honda (?) may have been on Expressly mopeds (FORUM) about a year or so ago. Not much help, but you might take a look... Doug D

Re: Help With my 1989 Trac olympic blitz

It runs te same way without the air box on it.

Re: Help With my 1989 Trac olympic blitz

Large displacement ( 250 - 400cc and above ) motocross bikes have rev limiters usually built right into the CDI module, this is to keep the engine from literally exploding between your legs. Does your moped have electronic ignition ? If it does, it's built right into the CDI module. You would have to find an aftermarket module, possible off from a small displacement motorcycle, without the limiter.

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Well my mo-ped is only 49.6 cc's as listed in the manual. As for the ignition......its just wires that come off of the little things mounted around the flywheel that go to a blue cyclender shaped thing ( ignition coil) and from it goes the wire to the spark plug.

Keep thoes thoughts comming guys. THANKS,

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Re: Help With my 1989 Trac olympic blitz

Donno if it helps but on top of the carb is stamped MiC

Re: Help With my 1989 Trac olympic blitz

MiC means Mikuni, that's the brand name of your carb, a popular and high quality japanese carb. Does your bike have points? I suspect it doesn't and the blue thing is your CDI unit and trigger coil. From the way you describe the way it cuts out at exactly one speed, this is what's causing it. You must remember that by law in order for it to get a moped classification it can go no faster than 30 mph, this is probably how they did it. Now how do we get around this? Well, you could find an electronic ignition conversion kit for, say a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine, rip the ignition unit out of your bike and install the conversion kit. Or you could modify a CDI unit from a Yamaha YZ-80 to fit your bike. Be inventive.

How do i do that?

How would i do that? Modify it as u say? Just to make it fit? Or the guts of it themselves. Where could I get one of thoes? Is there a way to remove the part thats making it cut out on the unit i have now? Or its it like impossable to do? What about the CDI off of a big leaf blower? I have an old 50cc Echo leaf blower that has a similar look piece on it. Now say i do get a part that will work. Will my engine keep reving until it destroyes itself? Or is there a limit formed from the size of the intake and all that crap?


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Re: How do i do that?

If your not mechanically inclined then don't try it, you'll end up with a moped that will do zero mph. If you want to try it, then you'll just have to be inventive, like I said. You'll have to scrounge parts together but I wouldn't use anything used, I mentioned a cdi unit from a Yamaha because I know it has no limiter built into it. Your bike won't rev out to destruction, the fact that it's got a moped carb and exhaust on it is one factor, it just won't breath well.

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