hi, are there any rescrictions that can be removed from a 78' puch maxi for more speed? thank you.

Re: resrictions??

The exhaust.

Re: resrictions??

On the back of the air box. Where it goes into the frame, there is a little white corrugated tube. Pull it off.

Re: resrictions??

Yes, the cylinder head gasket if it has one. Remove the exhaust insert and drill 3 extra holes as large as the ones in it already on every lobe except the last half of the last one ( the one you see when you peer up the tail pipe ). Do what Joel says to your air box, then take the slide out of the carb and go up a notch on the needle. You'll probably have to play with this adjustment to get it to run clean, remember, down is richer and up is leaner.

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