check this the dumbass wants 3 grand for this thing. Imagine what type of car one could acquire for 3 grand, hell I know some harley dealers that will take 3 grand down for a harley! Funny shit here.

Re: check this

wow what a chump!

Re: check this

O my gosh. Does that slap nut think he will get that kinda cash for that bike? My car only costed me 2500

Re: check this (but it's got an EXHAUST TIP EXTENS

XBrandon EdgeX /

Hey, don't forget. It has an exhaust tip extension on it! He says it keeps the "residue" off of your clothes. Not that exhaust residue on clothing has ever been a problem for anyone with a biturbo, but THAT kind of peace of mind alone is worth $750 easy :)

Brand new Ninja 250 is $3000

Thats right... a brand new Kawasaki Ninja 250 that can haul 2 people and do 100 mph and beat all but the fastest cars in acceleration can be bought brand new with a 1 year warranty for $3000.

<IMG src="">;

Re:3000$ moped (Photo)

Wayne Broderick /

Just so people can see this "deal" once it closes.

a sucker born every minute.


Re: Brand new Ninja 250 is $3000

You think thats funny, check out this idiot,

I have included emails I had with him

First Email to him:

Hey, Are you kidding with that price?

His reply:

No Mr. I am not kidding..are you kidding about your email name?



My reply to that:

No offense , but the most I would pay for that is , if you lucky and im in a good mood, is 20 dollars. That think is a hunk of shit, you should pay someone to take it actually. What is wrong with my email name.

His reply:

Since you are registered user of Ebay, I suggest you clean up you language

when you write to a seller . Do not send me any more of your verbal sewage.

If you do I will send a copy of it to Ebay and they will make sure you can

not participate in this reasonable form of entertainment. People like you

give the internet the bad name it currently has.

Keep your smart remarks for your own kind..trash..

My reply to that:

Listen buddy, I don

Re:E-Bay Moron

Wayne Broderick /

You didn't include his E-mail address.

You were out of line

First.. I think that is a real cool old moped.. and I bet it is as high quality as most the 1970's peds talked about here... maybe higher.

Its condition is hard to tell from those pics.

So its value is up to a potential buyer to decide.

And if you harrassed me like that for no reason... I would definitely report you to ebay.

Re: You were out of line

Thats great

Brand new Ninja 250 is $3000

J. Sailor /

If I had $3000, there is no way in hell that I would waste my money on a piece like that.

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