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Fred wrote:



> Hmmm... the fact that the dealer has installed a 'carb

> heater' makes the guessing more difficult..


> And there is no point now in a lot of guessing about all the

> ups and downs in the machines recent history.


I'd say there is. Having an accurate picture of it's history can help diagnosing future problems.

> I think you are over-thinking this by guessing at a

> 'soft-seize'.

> (I doubt it had a seizure)


> If I beleived it might have had a seizure of any sort I would

> simply pop off the head (not the cylinder) and push the

> piston to the bottom and take a good look at the cylinder

> walls with a good light.

> On an air cooled 2 stroke that is soooo easy that you should

> just do it.

I will, but I need to get a torque wrench first. Don't want to make it worse than it is! It's quite an involved procedure for my machine too.

> As long as the cylinder is smooth and unscratched/scuffed...

> then it didn't seize.

> If you see scuffs, then take the cylinder off and you can get

> a better look.


Thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to look out for what you've mentioned.

What other kinds of problems can cause these symptoms? Soft seizing certainly fits, does it not?

> And Yes... I am sure you are making a Royal pain in the ass

> of yourself to the dealer

> : )

> ... and your amateur questions are surely annoying them.

Aw, sorrow for them.

> Consider that it is not the responsibility to teach you

> "engines 101".

I never expected it of them. But I don't have inbuilt genetic-based knowledge of how a two stroke works, can find no books on it and must trawl the net for information. I wasn't asking them to walk me through rebuilding the cylinder, I'm sure I asked questions anyone who is new to these machines would.

They were aware it was my first machine, they were aware I knew little or nothing. Should it really surprise them if I call? Or is there something trivial in my calling, wondering why my starter kicks in when the brake levers are pulled?

> Fixing machines and pleasing a customer is not an easy task.


So what? I'd love to see my bosses face if I tried pulling that excuse. It's still their job to answer any questions I may have. That is part of customer service, I know as I'm involved in it as part of my own work. They claim to have great customer service, but does their performance honestly match up with that statement? If they don't provide it, they shouldn't claim it.

> If the airfilter/airbox/carb heater is the way you are going

> to leave it, and you are unsatisfied with the performance,

> and the spark plug is dark brown/black... Then you can go

> ahead and try one step smaller main jet at a time to see if

> it runs better... but examine the spark plug color each time.

Will do, just need to get me a size #60 next week.



This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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