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does anyone have a taillight?

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I don't have a taillight, but have a suggestion instead. (f you don't care about having original equip that is). I needed a tail light for my Puch. I went to the local auto store here and purchased a trailer side marker light. It is kind of oval with flat sides. It is about 3.5 inches long and maybe 1.75 inches wide. It put different bulbs in it. One that was a higher wattage than the other. I wired it up so that the higher wattage bulb would light when I applied the brake. The lower wattage bulb is for the running light. The really cool thing is that the holes on the Puch fender lined up with the bolts on the back of the running light. No holes to drill on the fender. Now the only problem with this set up is that I am running with 12 volt bulbs until I can find 6 volt slide in type bulbs. I will say however that they do seem to work fine. Maybe my ped is giving too high of voltage anyway. Hope this helps.

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Try bulbsdirect.com.


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