Cross-USA moped record

Go here to check out an attempt to set the Guinness record for an across the USA moped trip on a Tomos.

Seems to me that you would go from Jacksonville FL to San Diego CA to shorten the distance... but what do I know?

Actually... Somebody probably WILL use that route to break these guys record if they are successful.

Re: Cross-USA moped record

Bet it's got to do with the speed limit. I wanted to do something similar in the new-england area, but could not figure out how to find roads with a 35 mph speed limit.

How would you find a country-wide map with speed limit info for planning such a trip?

I think this is a great idea-- really cool.

Re: Cross-USA moped record

I posted about this a little while back under: "TheMopedGuys.Com?"

I listed their route as it appears on their site.

Re: Cross-USA moped record

>>Actually... Somebody probably WILL use that route to break these guys record if they are successful.<<

Gee, thanks for spillin the beans, Fred.....

(had plotted THAT route himself, heh..)

S'ok...not like it wasn't damn obvious...but If I ever get it into my head to try such a stunt...yeah, I can beat their time.

There's also some other tricks, like the twin ring-sets and the 40:1 mix...but damned if imma tell em, or why any of em would work, no offense to em, I'd like to see em pull this off....but some day, I might just do it, soooo....


Re: Cross-USA moped record

hey ree.... i might go with ya.... ha!!! go from va. to ca. that would be cool.


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