Moped Laws in Maine

Bill Edmunds /

<HTML>Does anyone know the moped requirements in Maine? Can I just take my Massachusetts-licensed Puch into Maine and ride it legally?


RE: Moped Laws in Maine

Angus MacEachern /

<HTML>Hi, I live in Maine and I own 2 1976 Puch Maxi mopeds. In the law book it stated that mopeds in maine can't exceed 30 mph, and can't have higher than a 50 cc engine. To ride a moped in Maine you need either a Moped license or any other type of license, but you have to be at least 16 years of age. On one of my Puch's I have a 60cc speed kit, and it goes 41 mph. I haven't been pulled over yet.

Good luck,

Angus MacEachern</HTML>

RE: Moped Laws in Maine

feeling helpful /

<HTML>you have to follow speed limit laws. etc. but national law says that every state has to acknowledge the licences of other states (ex. if can get marries at 12 in one state and move to another where you have to be 16, you are still married in the eyes of every state). So no matter what age you are, if you have a legal license from Mass., go visit Maine and have a party.</HTML>

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