Good Trade?

Does anything this is a good trade, my moped, for my friends goped, I got my moped for $75, its a 1976 Batavus, and the goped is '99 sport. Good trade or no?

Goped for Moped??!

Wayne Broderick /

Is this some kind of a trick?

A. Moped

B. Go-Ped

Make a choice...!

I wish all tests were this simple to answer!!!

Re: Good Trade?

I meant to say in my first post "does anyone think this is a good trade"

My friend spent 400 on his goped and i spent 75 on my moped, I dunno if I want to trade though

Re: Goped for Moped??!

I understood. I don't think there's a person in the forum who'll suggest you ditch a classic moped for a brand new goped.

Re: Good Trade?

XBrandon EdgeX /

I wouldn't trade. I have a go-ped and it's kind of crappy. They go through a rear tire every month and a drive every year. Plus, you have to put a different drive and an extra support bearing in it if you intend to ride it on any surface rougher than a freshly laid street. You also need an aluminium rear wheel if you intend to ride it any more than an hour at a time, otherwise, the stock plastic wheel will melt. They're also not street legal in many places and they're pretty unstable. If I was you, I'd keep the Batavus. It's lasted 25 years and I would imagine it still outlast a go-ped. Besides, a two year old goped is probably only worth about 200 bucks, unless it's modified. I mean, there's probably a reason the guy wants to trade it off, right?

Re: Good Trade?

yea he has a bigfoot goped, now they are sweet ass gopeds

Re: Good Trade?

XBrandon EdgeX /

Yeah, the bigfoots are pretty cool, but still, they only top out at about 21mph, I'd keep the batavus. It's a classic.

Re: Good Trade?

You could save money and go buy the same goped, right?

could you save and buy the same moped? Nope, not sold anymore. That makes it a lot more valuable.

Sounds to me like your friend wants to score a classic moped.

Re: Good Trade?

Wacko Wally /

As far as I know, gopeds aren't street legal in new jersey.

But even if they are, I would keep the moped if I were you.

Re: Good Trade?

Jamie Leonard /

Save up and buy a goped if you want one, then just rig up brackets on the back of the moped and use it as a liferaft ;)

(Ok this might just appeal to my sense of humour :)Nick wrote:

Re: Good Trade?

I have a heavly modified sport go-ped as well as my mo-ped. A go-ped is good for jumping and screwing around with friends. Mo-peds are good for nice smooth rides down back roads. It just depends on what u plan on doing. I'd keep the mo-ped. LIke everyone else is saying. If u want a go-ped just save and get one. U can go out and buy that mo-ped ever again. Keep it and hold on to it. Its a keeper

Re: Good Trade?

Keep the moped. There is a reason that your friend initiated this deal. You will regret trading it and will be in search of a new one for a long time. You will end up buying another and paying much more than $400 for it. If you still are unsure, trade for just a couple of days or weeks if he is cool with that.

Re: Good Trade?

you could trade a studabaker for a muscled out camarro ... or you could hang on to a classic. it's up to you.

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