jet size??

hi, i have a puch maxi 2hp. the carb says 14 on it. my manual says 1/14/160 for the 30mph version. i took out the jet and it says # 58 on it. but the manual says i should have either a 64 or 62. can anyone clear this up for me? im very confused as to whats going on. i want to go down in size on the jet on account ped is running too rich, but dont know which size to get now. thanks in advance. P.S. HOW DO YOU TELL IF ITS A 2HP OTHER THAN WHAT IT SAYS ON PED? FROM WHAT I KNOW EVERYTHING IS ORIGINAL.

Re: jet size??

I have two, 2HP Puch's. Both have the 14mm and they both have 58mm jets. So what I am getting at is the jet seems like it is the right one. I trie a 64 on mine and it ran worse. How do you know it is running too rich? Have you tried pulling off the air box just to test to see if it is too rich. Also, on the back of the air cleaner there is a little piece of corrugated tubing (usually white). Try taking that off if you haven't done so already.

Re: jet size??

its running rich because the plug was soaked when i pulled it after only 15 miles. when you say pull the white tube off the air cleaner, do i leave it off permanetly. what other reason could it be that its running rich??

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Yep, you can leave it off. that is just a restrictor and pulling it off should make it run alot better. Other reasons for running rich: dirty air box...blow it out with some compressed air. Dirty carb...these are easy to take apart and clean. Oh one other thing. My Puch was not fully disengaging the choke this can be done manually by pulling up on the little plunger. Try this out. later

Re: jet size??

Here are some facts. I hope it helps.

1. My 1980 Puch ran 18 mph when I got it and the plug was always sooty.

2. I removed the # 58 jet and put in a #52 jet. It would not run.

3. I replaced the #52 with a #56 and now it runs at 29 mph max.

4. When it first ran with the #56, heavy smoke came from the exhaust for about 2 miles, then gradually cleared up.

5. I bought the three jets from for $4.75 each. #50, #52 an #56.

6. I measured all the jet diameters carefully. #50 is less than 0.019", #52=0.019", #56=0.020", #58=0.025".

7. I point out that the difference between not running and running well was a change in diameter of 0.001" or a change in area of about 10%. The difference between the area of the #56 and #58 was a decrease of 33%.

8. The throat of my carburetor measures 12mm. My guess that this is a major difference between the 1.5 hp and the 2.0 hp Puch.

Good Luck

Re: jet size??

great answer 'oldtimer'

facts are good!

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