Peugeot spark plugs

Hello fellow mopeders, I have a beautiful 1977 Peugeot 103, I have been using a NGK br6hs sparkplug which was the easy to find at my local Japanese motorcycle shop, Lately Ive been reading all the message here and find most of you seem to prefer a Bosch plug. For my Peugeot the Bosch plug would be w7ac this I know but of course I can't find this plug anywhere and I live less than an hour from New York City? W8ac yes but no 7? Anyway does anyone know what the Bosch "platinum" would be for a 77 Peugeot. I was curious and bought a Bosch platinum w8ap which I though would be it's "equivilant" but now with a new Bosch the engine runs a bit hot since I now got a bit of gasoline dripping out of my muffler? Just wondering about a platinum Bosch, beside that though my bike picked up about 5 mph! I Also I think the NGK does not quite work as well at least as much as this platinum Bosch, the Bosch seems to be for the time being at least to run the engine smoother, any opinions out there? Thanks!

Re: Peugeot spark plugs

Reeperette /

I dunno, I have a pair of Bosch w7Bc...but no w7ac's

Try a foreign auto parts specialist, they might be able to get them for you.


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