Ped Questions from a Novice

I am thinking about buying a moped. Since I am new to mopeds and there are no dealers near me, I have some questions. I am 6'4" and 200lbs. Will I even fit on one? Is a two speed transmission necessary? It just seems like something to go wrong. I am particularly interesed in an Avanti Garelli Mont. Any suggestions?

Thank you to all that reply.

Re: Ped Questions from a Novice

Jamie Leonard /

Well I'm 6 foot 1 and just under your weight and I have no problems with my targa lx - it pulls me around just fine (more than just fine with the biturbo!) As for wanting a 2 speed or not... I would highly recommend it if you live anywhere near hills. (Mopeds that are one speed you'll have to pedal on hills to get going usually, and they can take a little longer to get going) Besides, keep them in the proper amount of ATF fluid (in other words take care of them properly) and it should last quite a while.

Re: Ped Questions from a Novice

XBrandon EdgeX /

on the avanti mopeds, the two speed's final drive seems to be geared higher, so it goes about 5mph faster than the one speed and has awesome acceleration.

Re: Ped Questions from a Novice

Wayne Broderick /

I think that I would like heavy duty rear shocks on my tomos. I'm 220#, and the moped had enough power, but bumps were sometimes a little hard.

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