Free Spirit runs like crap, again

just when i thought that i finally had a decent, well-riding moped on my hands, my '82 Free Spirit just starts to freak out. so here's the scenario: it starts up just great and everything is fine. then after about 100 or so yards it starts to sputter and backfire. i thought it was the carb at first so i cleaned that thoroughly, and the problem went away for a little bit longer. but after a second test drive, the sputtering, bucking, and backfiring were back with a vengance. i checked the spark plug, which was brand new as of a week ago, and it was all black and sooty. i looked at that spark plug page in the resource section and it looks closest to being either carbon or oil fouled. i put yet another new spark plug in, and checked the air/fuel mixture, but after just one ride up and down the street, it was all black and greasy. the second spark plug looked like it was covered with something different than the first, though. i'm not sure if this is because the first plug had time to dry up and get all crusty, or if the substances on the plugs really are two different things. please help, i like this moped a lot. thanks!


Re: Free Spirit runs like crap, again

Reeperette /

Nah...your mixture is way too rich.

Is the choke sticking ? check that first.

If that's ok, then lean out the mix.


benny and the JETS

it does seem like the mixture is too rich, but only after its been running for a little while. it's really weird- i was trying to fix it last night, and like i said it would start up great but then it would kind of do this intermittent acceleration thing, like someone else was working the throttle, and it wouldn't really respond even if i gave it full throttle. the crazy thing was that after it started doing this it would idle GREAT, which i couldn't get it to do before. so i did try leaning it out a whole bunch, but it still did the same thing. i'm thinking maybe my main jet is too big-- could this be? if so, where can i get a new one? thanks!


Re: benny and the JETS

Wayne Broderick /

Have you considered an Exorcism?

haunted moped

yeah, but wouldn't it be kinda cool to have a haunted moped? maybe i could get the ghost to make it fly or shoot flames out the muffler


Re: Free Spirit runs like crap, again

Hahah you guys are crazy the problem is the condenser replace it that is the most common cause for backfireing and sputtering the cutting off.

I just beefed up my free spirit from one speed to 2 speed took me about 3 hours only because i am a moped mechanic. i have a biturbo and speed sprokets front and rear it hits about 45 flat. looks awsome too i just put a side stand on it as well if you want a biturbo for yours email me about it i can get you one as well as speed sprokets i only have one sprocket though.

Re: Free Spirit runs like crap, again

Ron Brown /


I am pleased that you were able to diagnose this problem so specifically. I had no idea that a bad condensor could cause the plug to turn black and sooty so quickly.

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