71 Peugoet 103VS "Timing"

Garry Abbey /

I need some help with setting the timing. I have removed the rotor and didn't mark the stator back plate for replacing. The book I have referrs to timing marks 1 & 2 but I can't distinguish which marks they are referring too. I and two set of marks on the stator back plate, one set at about 10 oclock and another at 2 oclock but picture appears to be pointing where the plug wire cut out is at about 12 oclock. Could you please advise the best way to set the timing.


Re: 71 Peugoet 103VS "Timing"

I don't know the bike very well at all.

But if it helps... there are a couple paragraphs all about setting ignition timing in an article here.

click on 'resources' above, then 'articles', then "How to fix your Moped"

scroll down fir the ignition timing section

the points should open when the piston is between 1 mm and 2mm BTDC

(I don't have the exact number for your bike)

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