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dana sowers /

this post is for the kalamazoo branch of decepticons.

About a year ago my moped had some minor problems and would not start up, it had been in a couple of accidents so was a little beat up. one of the decepticon members Bill Babbitt offered to fix it for me. he claimed to be working on it but after about six months and still no moped i decided to fix it myself w\my dad. when i went to pick it up Bill insisted that he wanted to still work on it. I made several attempts to retrieve it. when i finally was able to pick it up the whole bike was torn down and in worse condition than when i had left it with Bill and his roomate Jake VanOrder. I took the bike home only to discover that many of the parts had been stripped i.e. the carborator, speedometer, one of the forks and many other vital parts. I have tried to contact bill but he never returned my calls and had actually moved from the area. I don't know what actually happened to my parts but i would like some information on where Bill Babbitt might be and the eventual return of my parts.

when somebody messes with your moped its like tearing a piece of your heart out and grinding it into the ground with the heel of their shoe. I am very hurt that this sort of misunderstanding would happen within the very folds of the group. I might expect this from the regular run of the ghetto folk but not from trusted members who claim to want to help.

please help me find Bill Babbitt Sincerely Dana Sowers

Re: return of property

have you tried to E-mail him?


Re: return of property

have you tried to E-mail him?


Re: return of property

Hank,the angry dwarf -R.I.P. /

be nice, wayne broderick,

the girl got ripped off.

Re: return of property

Wayne Broderick /

I shouldn't have been wise, but a YEAR, I mean jeez---

It hurts to have stuff stolen, and broken trust hurts too BUT I don't think it's fair to imply that Bill is a "ghetto" moped parts thief.

I had a ten speed, a very nice one, and it was slowly stripped over a year when it was left at a friends house. I don't think anyone set out to strip my bike, I think it started with "a quick tire replacement" so they could all go riding, and eventually it became a parts bike. I was very upset about this.

If her moped was really that much a part of her heart, why did it sit for a YEAR??

Has she e-mailed Bill? That would be a great start, and the note didn't say.

Hey, I'm in Maine. Maybe Bill is a shmuck who planned to defraud a young girl of her moped. Maybe he IS a ghetto-level moped crook. I don't know-- but pointing fingers without information isn't too cool.

I've found the Moped Army to be full of great people who only want to help. I thought the note was a little extreme given the situation.

If I understand correctly, parts disappeared from a bike that someone was going to fix for free, that was left in a garage for a year or more?

If the ground is shaking, and you hear a train whistle, and there are two metal tracks on the ground, you might want to look for a train.

I do feel bad, and I hope she gets a good resolution to this.

I'm not even a member of the Army, and the ;accusations; bothered me. I'm sure someone will help her get it back together. Give the benefit of the doubt till you get the whole story...

Good Luck, sorry for the wise-ass comment, but again, you should never imply someone is defrauding or stealing from you without some hard facts. I wanted to go and try to make my friends pay for the stripped bike, but then I'd have to explain why I jeft it there for over a year, and request that they investigate everyone who had access to the cellar..... That sounded too much like it was my fault, so I kept a lid on it.


Re:What Kind of moped?

Wayne Broderick /

What kind of a moped was it? I might have a whole bunch of Tomos parts.

Re:What Kind of moped?


bill still lives in kzoo w/ daveb. bill never checks email, and is hard to get a hold of in general. i'm sorry to hear about your puch. i'm guessing in the loads of things that were going on he never got around to it. email dan or any other decepticon and we can get this straightened out for you. we'll get your bike up and running soon. this is the first i've heard of the problem.

Re:What Kind of moped? (for sale)

Wayne Broderick /

Dana sent me an E-mail indicating that her dad is going to sell the moped as a parts bike, for 100$.

Here's the E-mail I got from her. I deleted her tel#, but I'll E-mail it to anyone why really wants to buy the bike.

<<Clipped from Hotmail>>

The current moped status is my dad said to sell the moped as is for parts to

whoever wants to buy it.

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