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hi all, could anybody tell me which size tire iron to use for my puch maxi? also how come theres TWO sizes on my tire? one says 2.25+17. next to that it says 21+2.25.and lastly is it hard to replace these tires? thanks again .

Re: tire iron

Two 12" long motorcycle irons will do it. 2.25 is the size of your tire. I don't know what the other measurement means either. The job is not technically difficult, but its easy to mess up and pop a tube in the process if you haven't done it before.

Re: tire iron

2.25x17 is the size, sorry

Re: tire iron

Ron Brown /


Ped tires should come off as easy as bicycle tires. Bicycle tire irons work just fine. Be sure you begin to remove the tire near the valve first and make sure the opposite side is in the well of the rim. When installing tire, begin opposite the valve and finish with the area close to the valve. Again, making sure the tire is pressed into the rim well.


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