Kinetic TFR

Anybody have any input or opinion on Kinetic mopeds, especially the TFR model? Can a new one really go 35 mph? How good as is their gas mileage?

Hoping to be swarming and destroying on a newer, happier 'ped very soon.


Re: Kinetic TFR

Hi Tom-

I have a '00 Kinetic Magnum and I love it. Top speed is about 33mph and it has good acceleration and runs very smoothly once it's warmed up. The Magnum model has a variator which I have heard allows for better acceleration. The drive belt wore out pretty quickly but I bought a new one and my moped runs better than ever.

I've never ridden or seen a TFR so I can't tell you anything about that model. The Magnum has a luggage rack, and has a bigger seat for two as well as passenger foot pegs, and turn signals are standard.

There is some sort of bi-turbo available for the Kinetic which will add at least 5mph to the top speed.

I haven't officially checked my gas mileage figures, but I would say my moped gets around 80-100mpg.

Cosmopolitan motors in Pennsylvania imports the Kinetic. I've called their 800 number and they are very helpful, even though I didn't buy my 'ped directly from them.

For the price, Kinetics are a very good value IMO.

Just bought a KineticTFR!

Barbara P /

Hi! Just bought a TFR from JCWhitney-ended up paying $800 total out the door, INCLUDING turnsignals, extra mirror, shipping. Actual price listed is $888, I also ended up receiving a 10% good customer discount, you could ask for it if you go through them.

Have had mine a week, so far love it. It is metallic black and chrome and looks beautiful. I have not been able to drive it faster than 20 mph because it is in the "break-in" period. However I sense it will go faster than 30. It has a single speed transmission so it goes up hills rather slowly and the acceleration is rather slow. As long as you don't live in the mountains it should do you nicely. As Peggy said, and I agree, I think it is a great value for the money.

I just ordered the rear travel trunk from Cosmo motors and the leather tool bag. Cosmo motors is one of the US distributors, the bike is made in India. However Cosmopolitan has it listed for $1100 on their website.

PS.if you go to JCwhitneys website, it is not available there, you have to call them and order it from their motorcycle catalogue. They told us we would have to wait 6 weeks, received it in two!

Good luck and happy riding, hope this was helpful

Re: Kinetic TFR

CaglarJuanSingletary /

Yes they can go 35mph.However,it breaks throttle cable.YAHWEH is YAHSHUA.

Re: Kinetic TFR

CaglarJuanSingletary /

Yes they can go 35mph.However,it breaks throttle cable.YAHWEH is YAHSHUA.Tom C wrote:


> Anybody have any input or opinion on Kinetic mopeds,

> especially the TFR model? Can a new one really go 35 mph?

> How good as is their gas mileage?


> Hoping to be swarming and destroying on a newer, happier 'ped

> very soon.


> -Tom

Re: Just bought a KineticTFR!

that sucks 4 u at ( they cuold have sent u the same machine for hundreds less. sorry.

Re: Just bought a KineticTFR!

That could be true, but as far as I know, nobody has tested the reliability of this vendor. Whitney's price is not bad, and they're a known reputable firm.

Re: Just bought a KineticTFR!

how 'bout i put my repubility right up your tucas

Re: Just bought a KineticTFR!

Ron Brown /

Hey, I got on the site and was composing an email to them, so that they would know that someone was leaving a bad impression of their business on this Forum.

This was the email:

The following post appeared on the Moped Army Forum, posted by one "encil":

Author: encil (

Date: 11-19-01 23:00

how 'bout i put my repubility right up your tucas break>

I am not sure this post will convince anyone that they should do business with

You may want to post the advantages of dealing with your company, as opposed to the disadvantages of dealing with others. Refering to anyone who has no knowledge of your business reputation as a jackass will likely not improve their opinion of your company either.

Ron Brown

I was about to click "send" when I noticed the address in the to: box was "encil@... and decided I had to be wasting my time. I just hope he is not this illiterate, obnoxious S.O.B. with his customers.


Re: Kinetic TFR

Wrong,Caglar! Yahweh is Yashua's FATHER,if you mean Jesus as Yashua.Both are in total agreement though.This isn't a religiuos forum,but I couldn't let that slide unchallenged.Sorry! Worshipper of YAHWEH here in Ohio


I was raised as an athiest, and around 13 I began reading all about the religions of the world. Most of what I discovered was more disturbing than enlightening.

I'm not talking any one religion... just in general. I guess I get too caught up in the historical facts to be swept away in a leap of faith.

That's what it comes down to. Faith.


I don't have it. You can tell me all day long that "something better awaits" and I won't buy it. When I'm rolling in lava, dodging pitchforks, well, you told me so.

I have faith in some things-- that the bus will arrive, that the sun will set, that I will be hungry if I don't eat.

If I told you that me and my friends gathered once a week and chanted to invisible beings and pretended to eat and drink their blood and flesh, you'd think I was insane....

Or maybe just catholic, doing first communion.

Like it or not, most world conflict stems from the "My gods better than your god" mentality.

Thanks, but no thanks.

What do I believe? That it's all energy. I find philosophy, science and epistemology to be more satisfying than praying to invisible beings.

If only my parents had selected one of the hundreds of great religions available and indoctrinated me into it, I would have "faith".

It all comes down to faith. I'm a good person because I want to be, not because I'm frightened of being punished eternally by a wraithful god. Likewise, I'm not going to act a certain way, like a mule being led forward by the carrot he can never reach...

C'mon Wayne...we'll let you into "heaven" if you're really good...

Yeah....tell the tooth fairy that Santa says hello while you're pulling my other leg.

Is indoctrination the same as truth?

Is religion the opiate of the masses?

When you finally realized there was no Santa, didn't you realize how silly the idea actually was? When you put the facts together, you realize you always KNEW there wasn't a Santa.....How could one person do it all. When the facts don't add up, you need to re-assess your beliefs.

Re: Religion

I understand your unbelief in a way.But Wayne,there are many physical proofs of God's existence,whoever he is.The Bible says he's Yahweh.It says his son is Jesus and only thru Jesus' sacrifice can we come to know Yahweh.I will only give you one thing to think about (I hope with an open mind).To me,this is one of the undeniable phenomena that God left us to see.Think about the sun(93 million miles away)and the moon(240,000 mi away).Think of the solar eclipse,Wayne.Remember how the sun is perfectly covered by the moon so only the corona is visible for that brief instant?NOW,what are the ODDS of the sun being the right size,the right distance;the moon being the right weight for the right speed to orbit at the right distance at the correct plane to EXACTLY cover the sun's image?Have you ever considered this?

Re: Religion

Don-- I totally agree that there is an uncanny synchronicity in all the functions of the universe--

It's not just the eclipse thing, simply the fact that the earth is covered with life in the middle of cold space-- that also would seem to be "proof of god."

the fact that nautilus shells are based on a structural pattern that replicate in galaxy formations...that's uncanny.

Even quantum mechanics and subatomic particles--the whole realm of the 'quanta' is god-like. They sometimes refer to the Higgs-boson as the 'god particle'.

Did you know where they get helium? They drill for it. Now that is weird. Proof of god---? Maybe, maybe not.

Some things are 'self evident' some require 'faith'

There is a grand energy at work that is able to generate the appearance of a reality. Philosophically, I don't say "god" as much as I refer to "The A.U.F.". The "AUF" is the All-Encompassing Universal Field"

If the philosophical "AUF" is really "GOD", then we're on the same page.

But, I would never attempt to pin human qualities on the "AUF"--- The All-Encompassing Universal Field allows me to experience a 'reality'--- Beyond that, I can't verify anything. (full circle, back to "Faith")

I tend to think of the "Grand Scheme" of which I seem to be a small part in terms of Zoastrianism. There just might be a cosmic battle between "Good" and "Evil" on a grand scale I cannot understand. (much like the "force" in Star Wars)

If we can agree that the AUF is God, and that there is a "Force" behind things that we don't understand... I still think that is a giant leap to pinpoint an individual and say that "He is God"

Monty Python's life of Brian.... Great movie.

Back to the Force-- If there is this AUF, God, or "Force" that makes everything happen, how can you put a human face on it?

Saying that "Ben Kenobi Understands the 'Force'" is a lot different than saynig "Ben Kenobi is God"

Mohammed, Jesus, Yahweh, Ben Kenobi (Yes, Jedi Knights actually a registered census demographic in Britian)...None of those people can come close to being God, because, "God", if there is one, is not a person, but a "Force" which we can scarcely understand.

God is that which I see before me. It's that simple I see the A.U.F. Everything I see and experience is a reflection of "God" -- But that's a lot different than thinking god is (ow was) a person.

Re: Religion

I have talked to many people who believe as you do.When you say:`There is a grand energy at work.....',you are realizing that there is an awesome power that exists(lives,if you will).By testing what the Bible has to say,we are able to identify this force as a Being.This Being created us in perfection,so when the perfect man Adam sinned,it would take a perfect man's sacrifice,Jesus,not born from sinful mankind,to buy back our lives,or ransom us with his life.God created a perfect earth,but Satan persuaded The 2 perfect people on earth to follow his advice,calling God in effect,a liar.We are living in the chaos that was brought about by sin entering thru Adam and Eve.God will have his name vindicated shortly and we should strive to be on his side when the world's calamity comes.So don't reject the Bible `out of hand' until you investigate it.The Bible says He is `the abundance of dynamic energy'.Sounds a little like your A.U.F.,doesn't it,Wayne.Also,Wayne,the Bible says you are a good person because God instilled us with a conscience,and we were made in his image,although now distorted by our ingrained sin in our bodies.You have to go against this conscience to do bad,and that is probably why there are still many good people on the earth.

Re: Religion

Can you give me any examples of something the Bible says that isn't contradicted at some other point in the Bible?

Do I go with the "Fire and Brimstone" god from the old testament, or the forgiving God of the new testament...?

What if I eat food that is 'unclean' will I burn forever?

If you want be to believe that some Humans were able to capture the essence of "God" by writing some words in a book, you're out of luck...

The Human mind CANNOT fathom Infinity. Thus, we are unable to understand "god" Humans are not infinite, and god is.

Tell me, Don, Do you understand the "infinite"? Words in a book cannot come close to "god".

A final question..... What makes the "Bible" more or less legitimate than a Sumerian, Babylonian or Egyptian Mythos? If, from inside the box of religion, you can say that other religions are "pagan" or "invalid" that essentially invalidates your own religion. Is the Bible better than older religions, because it is more recent?

Why do many of the Bible stories reflect the Babylonian myths? Hmmmmm.

Don--Could you explain why you do or don't follow the instructions laid out in the book of levitivcus? If you DO follow these instructions, you're okay and will be 'clean' when the time comes. But if you're ignoring certain chapters of the bible you're essentially ignoring the word of god.

"Well, God...I kind of like the 10 commandments, but that Leviticus stuff--I'm going to look the other way....."

Do you think "god" is pleased that so many people ignore his instructions? I'm not grasping at straws here. The book of Leviticus is VERY specific about what you need to do. Is your "Faith" so strong that you can "pick and Choose" the parts of the Bible you want to obey?

Looking forward to your response!

Re: Religion

Ron Brown /

Hey guys, this is not a religious forum and anyone who has ever discussed religion knows that logic has nothing to do with it so the argument/discussion has no winner or end.

On the other hand, if it's all in there, what does HE say about peds? : )


Re: Religion


Your 100% correct. The final determination is always "faith"

You have it or you don't.

Re: Just bought a KineticTFR!

Ah, then it would appear that Encil is menintools.

It seems to me then that one might save a fair amoount buying through them/him. It seems also one might find that being dependent on him/them for tech support a less than comfortable position.

Both of these thoughts are speculation, not based on personal experience.

Re: Just bought a KineticTFR!

Ron Brown /

Yes, it looks that way.

I have to say, after you bad mouthed his business the way you did, you definitely deserve to have your "tucas" violated, you jackass.

In the future make sure that you have thorougly researched an organization before claiming that you know nothing about it! : )


Re: Religion

Wayne,I can't convert you over the net or change your mind.That takes deep thought and study of scripture which shows we are NOT under the old law as it was `nailed to the torture stake' with Christ.It has not been in effect since Christ was resurrected by his Father.Paul said the `LAW' was a tutor leading to Christ.And another thing: God has been defamed by religion which teaches He would torture individuals in an everlasting fire.We were given our conscience in God's image and WE,I hope,would never consider torturing someone FOREVER for deeds against us.In order to torture someone(which He would never do)He would have to reverse his decree against Adam and Eve in which he warned them:`In the day that you eat of that tree,you WILL POSITIVELY DIE'.Read Psalms 146:4 Wayne,and you'll see:`.....his breath goes forth,he returns to his earth.In THAT VERY DAY his THOUGHTS DO PERISH'.God has been given a `bum rap' by many scholars thgat do not recognize that if we look at Jesus,`he is the EXACT representation of His very being.`And that's all I have to say about that 'as Forrest Gump would say.I wonder if `ol Gump would`of ridden a `ped.I'll bet he would have.

Re: Religion

Hey Don,

Just because I'm a critical sceptic, I don't want you think I'm mocking religion-- I just try to ask the toughest questions I can come up with. In some ways, I am jealous of people with a lot of faith--Like I said, most times, you either have it or you don't.

I think it is great we can talk about this, because you obviously know a great deal on the subject--!

I know you wouldn't take my post the wrong way, but I wanted to make sure....!


I'm curious what others think about the "Big Picture" of life, the universe, and everything. I thought a lot of the discussions that were posted after 09-11-2001 were extremely interesting-- I knew we were a varied bunch, but it seems like we've got every political view from the Left to the Right....!

I think it's great to share thoughts about stuff like Religion, Politics, and of course, mopeds. By hearing everyone's ideas I get to live vicariously through your experiences....I learn and think about things I wouldn't have otherwise.

It's conversations like this that build friendships.... We all know Friendship is an important part of the Moped Army. Without "Friends" the Army would be nothing.

I am really looking forward to going to the next BBQ.



Re: Religion

Right,Wayne! I always enjoy hashing it out with you guys.Have you been out riding yet?I think we're gonna get some decent weather the next few days down here.I'm off starting this A.M. for the next 4 days so if I can dodge my wife a little,I should get some long trips in.But not on patched tubes.LOL !! Whoa!! Here comes Ron,again!

Re: Noped

No, at this time I have no moped--- I'm shopping, and it's getting darn cold...but on those warm days when the sun is oh man do I want to ride.

I'm looking for feedback on new mopeds--- the Revival is a little too "new" and I was hoping everyone would settle the Avanti seizing transmission issue--

Isn't this the moped everyone was saying would do like 40 while still stock...?

Anyway, I'm shopping and when we settle the claim, I should be able to get a couple of classic mopeds to fix and maintain-- have a new workhorse with all the gadgets and a couple of older ones to learn about and fix...

I have this plan...I'm going to buy and repair older mopeds, and then sell them, but not for a profit... Just enough to cover the costs of fixing and the cost of the ad. I would only sell it to the right person... Some yuppie wants to buy it, nope. When you see that kid you know will put 4000 miles on it in one season sell it.

I know how happy I was when I bought my first moped---I'd love to be able to make other people feel like that. Plus, by selling it to someone whom I know will ride it, I will be increasing the visibility of the Moped in Maine---In hopes of having an Army branch here, eventually

Planning on calling it the "Micronauts".

Any advice on my choices on a new moped, Don--?

Re: Noped

Man,Wayne,other than the Revival or a top-tank Tomos,maybe a new Hero-Majestic Gizmo or Panther from Handy Bikes might be all right.But I think I'd stick with the Tomos brand.There's one of those Tomos top-tank `classics',limited edition,I think, on in the `Moped Classifieds for a chunk of change,but you might get him down a little on it.Those were awesome looking bikes,with the chrome and all.

Re: Just bought a KineticTFR!

Hm. I'm not sure if that's tongue in cheek or not. I said we didn't know about his business yet, he responded with a stream of invective, I concluded that maybe that's not my idea of best possible customer service personality. Perhaps I erred. If so, and someone deserves an apology. they may have it. So far I'm not convinced I owe one, but opinions may differ...

Re: Just bought a KineticTFR!

Ron Brown /


Be assured that my tongue was so far in my cheek it looked like the worlds biggest wad of gum.

I thought the smiley face and my previous post would have made it obvious.

It was really a dig at encil, in case he read the follow ups. I still can't believe that someone who sells mopeds would have posted what he did.


Re: Just bought a KineticTFR!

sorry 'bout /

sorry 'bout the aggravation over the comments i saw about my business and it's "upstanding". if anyone you know wants or needs a street legal moped, feel free to give them our website and be sure they'll get the best support we can offer. plus they'll get accurate shipping rates, and the best price in the u.s.a... currently 10 tfr's in stock ready to ship, 4 stingers ready to ship, and 4 milanos ready to ship. all come with mso's that allow them to be registered as mopeds. thanx, for the somewhat apology. later, moped superstore)

p.s. i have directed my moped owners to the mopedarmy for extra info about mopeds for over a year now. maybe you can see how those comments lit me up. later.

Re: Just bought a KineticTFR!

Ron Brown /


Here is a recap of the posts relevant to The rest of it was just reaction to your "going off" on D Nyberg and my "not so charitable" comments about it.

Barbara P's post which also indicated that she was happy with the ped and the service from JCWhitney:

Author: Barbara P (

Date: 09-08-01 22:05

Hi! Just bought a TFR from JCWhitney-ended up paying $800 total out the door, INCLUDING turnsignals, extra mirror, shipping. Actual price listed is $888, I also ended up receiving a 10% good customer discount, you could ask for it if you go through them.

Your reply to Barbara, (no mention that you are menintools):

Author: encil (

Date: 11-18-01 21:32

that sucks 4 u at ( they cuold have sent u the same machine for hundreds less. sorry.

D Nyberg's response to you (an unknown poster):

Author: D Nyberg (

Date: 11-19-01 03:26

That could be true, but as far as I know, nobody has tested the reliability of this vendor. Whitney's price is not bad, and they're a known reputable firm.

Note that D Nyberg simply states that we seem to have no history on, he does not say you are unreliable or disreputable, only that we don't know. Barbara was obviously very happy with the service from JCWhitney. I can't recall an instance of anyone posting on this forum with either positive or negative comments about, except for a few who mentioned seeing your prices which appeared to be good.

At this point, you could have introduced yourself as, explained how long you have been dealing in TFR's and other small 2 wheelers, described your end user support and give us the delivered price of a comparably equipped TFR like Barbara bought so that we would know what "hundred's less" really means (btw, you could still post this price).

This could have gained you all kinds of goodwill on this forum, and I'm sure that anyone who was in the market for a TFR or any of the other brands you sell would have considered as a vendor.

Just to be complete, your reply to D Nyberg, who never said anything more than he did not know your company:

Author: encil (

Date: 11-19-01 23:00

how 'bout i put my repubility right up your tucas break>

This post was such an over reaction that it totally surpised me. Even more so, when I visited to inform you that someone was projecting a bad image of your company, only to find out from your contact email address that you were menintools.

It is nice of you to appologize and I, personally accept it. I still don't understand your reaction to D Nyberg's post and as far as I am concerned, there was no "somewhat appology" to thank us for. D Nyberg was confused by one of my attempts at levity when I accused him of "winding you up" and so, like a reasonable person, he said effectively, "if I did, I'm sorry". You may take this as an appology, personally, I don't think you deserve one.

I sincerely hope that we will see postings on this forum from people who have bought mopeds from you and are as happy with the product, price and service as Barbara is with JCWhitney.


Re: Just bought a KineticTFR!

ron... if you told nyberg to jump off a bridge would he? nyberg knows that when he needs to buy a moped our website can offer the best prices and cool quick shipping. i appreciate him as a moped enthusiast, yourself, and all moped people!!! hell, mine does 110mph on the street. nice little gpr75 moped. i think barbara called our store 4 times last week to ask about the stinger and she disputed the size of the engine and then called cosmo to get their info and i spent many minutes trying to help her. time wasted, no i tried to help her. i hope she has found what she needs and i'm sorry i upset her in anyway. for u ron and my over reaction to nybergs comments, i wish for u and nyberg that you have more people like me that are interested in mopeds that they acknowledge the presents of the moped army. for now i'm just happy shipping machines from miami,fla to stanford university on the west coast knowing that they have a smile on their face when they receive their moped. these people will most likely never post here cause they're too busy riding and have no clue about this forum. as long as they're happy... i'm happy. thanx, ron for everything and i'm sold out of stingers(more to come this week) and tfr sells are going brisk. if anyone wants to buy a stinger or tfr and refers to moped army, they'll get a special discount!!!! spread the word. peace and love to everyone and thanx for the hits you have generated.

Re: Just bought a KineticTFR!

Ron Brown /


Good post!

I hope you have lots of success selling peds and continue to try to educate us on what is available and why the stories differ. I am sure this will help your sales eventually.


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