I Finally got it to sorta crank over

Is there any way that I can jerry rig an air filter for my moped. I have an old batavus that I finally got to turn over and at least try and turn over and I know that I will eventually want an air filter but there isn't any moped stores near me so I thought I would ask if there was a way that I could rig one up.

Thanks in Advance


Re: I Finally got it to sorta crank over

I havent looked yet... but I heard that auto parts stores nowadays sell an air filter foam that you can buy and then cut to fit for an air filter.

Then maybe hose clamp it on to the carb?

Re: I Finally got it to sorta crank over

motormike /

Ive got a batavus and I use a UNI foam filter I got at a motorcycle shop, I just took my carb off and took it with me, then they just found one on the shelf that fit the diameter of the back of the carb, or instead of taking it off you could measure it and tell them the diameter.

The denis kirk web page also sells them.

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