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<HTML>Hey all!

I had a little tiff with the DMV here in Tucson which I won after apealing to the higher powers of the superior officers. The problem was this. I bought a 1991 Suzuki FA50 Commuter which the DMV origionaly designated as a MotorCycle, however even the laws of AZ state that a Moped is a motorised cycle of 50 cc or less. So - I had it inspected and got the title (last signed in 1993) and went to the window to change it over. The girl (19 yo?) was VERY rude and informed me in few few kind terms that I was not going to pull one over on them. Then told me I owed 100 dollars for not signing the title when I bought it (it changed hands three times before I owned it - no one signed). So I told her to check with the supervisors and told me NO.

So I went to the central office here in Tucson and found out this - that the state recognised it as a motorcycle is the STATES fault, and they have to destroy the origional title (mopeds do not get titles) and give me registration (which is all we require). So now I have to find the origional owner and get a bill of sale dated this year, and no fines. If i cant find him, I still owe a hundred dollars. I even got all of this in writing so I should be ok with it all. I just cant believe the ignorance of some people - and how pigheaded they can be. When I get the new registration I am going to go lecture the little "lady" that told me NO!


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