Need a Tomos expert

I just bought a 1992 Tomos Golden Bullet...but unfortunatly, it came without any owners manual or maintenance info.

I thought that I would check the transmission fluid as the ped has 1500 miles on it...and I was wondering how you check it on this model. On my older ped, you just loosen a screw on the side and if oil runs out, it is okay.

I fear that I might have overfilled the transmission in my zeal to keep up the fliud levels. So today, when the engine was warm, I loosened a screw on the side of the engine and lots of fluid ran out! Could I have done any damage by over filling it? Also, what is the volume of transmission fluid needed?

Any Tomos advice is appreciated!

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Ree: Need a Tomos expert

Wayne Broderick /

Ask Ree. He's our Tomos Guru.

Re: Need a Tomos expert

Reeperette /

Yeah, you probably did overfill it.

I use 10w30 (summer) and 10w40 (winter) in the older bullets, but you can also use preference is the motor oil, changed every three months.

The large round screw on the right side of the trans is indeed a level-check, and should have a paper washer under it (replace it if need be).

Appropriate amount is 220cc's aka 220ml - but you can just fill till it slightly dribbles from that hole, yes.

If you put too much in, the moped will have difficulty upshifting, if it does at all, and will bog down noticeably.

Just drain it and refill as instructed, and look on the bright side - you just flushed the trans, and that's good too.


Re: Need a Tomos expert

Ron Brown /


10w30 (summer) and 10w40 (winter)

Am I missing something here???


Re: Need a Tomos expert

Thanks much for the quick reply! It is my understanding that you - Ree - are the Tomos expert.

I know my older ped - that came with an owners manual - takes 20W there any advantage or disadvantage to using transmission fluid as opposed to motor oil?

BTW..this is a great site...helpful and very friendly too!



Re: Need a Tomos expert

Reeperette /

>>Am I missing something here???

Duh me...that might be backwards, yeah...

Basically you wanna run the heavier (thicker) stuff in the spring/summer and the thinner stuff for autumn/winter.

I always seem to get the grade #'s confused tho...

>>is there any advantage or disadvantage to using transmission fluid as opposed to motor oil?

That mostly depends on the idosyncracies of the moped, for mopeds are often as "individual" as their owners.

Some folks swear by ATF, some by motor oil...neither one'll do ya any harm, tho...nope.

Try one for a month, then try the other - use whatever works best for you and your wheels.

Also, be sure to print out a copy of Freds guide, it's a damn good thing to have handy.


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