Okay,I feel guilty but...

Well fellow mopeders,I am getting that urge to say how much fun I had while off on my 7 days 3+weeks ago.I went on 2 LONG moped rides(135 mi.or more each) and discovered more riding routes than I ever thought existed.Discovered a short-cut to Vinton,OH which is really scenic and not too hilly.Rode all the way down to the river in Gallipolis and ate a nice lunch just watching the boats and fishermen.People enjoying the park and looking,always looking,to see what the HECK it is I'm riding.Probably totalled 400+ miles on 5 trips out of Jackson.AND GUESS WHAT? It's time for my 7 DAYS OFF again tonight.WHOOOPPPEEE !!!!! I'm so happy I could bust! I hope this time to take my wife with me up to the big scooter show in Bucyrus,OH on Sat.or Sun.,and there's a 25 mi.bicycle trail ride just over from there in Marion on Sat.so I might try that.Idon't know.This shift I'm on may not last long so I'm tryin' to take advantage of it.So everybody that can,GET OUT THERE and enjoy the great weather.But if you can't I'm hoping you get to soon.This job's got me for 2hrs.more,and that's it.

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