Sachs performance ?

Is there some Sachs performance Guru out there somewhere?

I was wondering if there was anyone who has played around with the 505 motor to get some more performance out of it.

I have a westlake, it's taken apart right now, and I want to do something for a bit better performance before I put it back together. The jug/head is the squared-off one as opposed to the longer-looking one on most Sachs powered peds. It would go about 32 before I took it apart.

Any sugestions?

OH- how do I get ahold of someone on the registry, if they have no e-mail (and arn't in the phone book) There appears to be someone in Lubbock, but no working e-mail.



Re: Sachs performance ?

If that's Lubbock,Texas I feel sorry for you if you don't have your moped driving license already.I was reading their terrible laws and I bent down and kissed the ground here in Ohio.Imagine what people in `ol Voginny would say about Texas laws.I can see the headlines now:`Virginian kills 3 Texas lawmakers,then runs over bodies with unlicensed moped' !`Carry me back to `ol Voginny,where the scoots and the mopeders play.Carry me back to `ol Voginny,where the cops are not crowding the way.' More lyrics available on request.LOL !

Re: Sachs performance ?

yes- it's something screwy, like a class m with a restriction. It' a written only test. The funny thing is that I never got the license, or the moped inspected(yes, they want that too).

I originally got the moped from a bike shop, on the condition that I don't say it was his shop. I applied for a title after getting it appraised at a lawnmower shop, then a Honda shop. I run plates and insurance only. Most of the time the cops just drive around me, with that stupid wave-and-grin.

Tip-when getting insurance, make sure that they know it's a moped, not a motorcycle. $50 a year v/s $250 a year.

Ahh, the lack of knoledge.

Re: Sachs performance ?

Hey Don-Ohio, that all and fine about no tags, insurance, inspection,ect. here in VA, there is even no personal property tax on a moped, But try to get theft insurance on one $350 year and homeowners won`t cover it, Va will eat you alive on other taxes and the jobs here are being scarfed up by the foreigners entering the country, getting really bad.... Later Doug D.

Re: Sachs performance ?

Right,Doug! But if you ever read Texas law on this ,you'll feel a lot better.That is too bad about the insurance though.Did you call PROGRESSIVE? I save hundreds a year with them instead of Grange or State Farm.See Ya!

Re: Sachs performance ?

I also have a Sachs 505 engine. I can't seem to get much more than about 32 mph out of it either. Where have you experienced the best place to buy parts for your Sachs? I'm about to replace the main seal on mine and will need quite a few parts. Thanks.

Re: Sachs performance ?

Sorry this reply is late. Handy Bikes in Ohio has the seal for $2.50 I think.

I still havn"t found anything for performance yet......

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