Did anyone else get an e-mail a little while back that simply said: and linked to: ?

On Sept. 30th, they are planning on setting the Guinness World Record for the fastest time crossing the Continental United States on a Moped. Maybe we should line up and cheer them on and possibly help them out with refreshment, etc. I don't think it's coming anywhere near me but I'd love keep tabs on their progess.

Here is the info posted on the site:

"Guinness World Record TM Attempt

On September 30th 2001 we will attempt to set a Guinness World Record TM for the fastest time to cross the US on a Moped . The Adventure Begins in New Haven CT. and will end in Santa Monica CA. Below is our primary Plan of Travel .This may change slightly due to road restrictions. Mopeds are not allowed on Highways or roads with speed limits over 55 . We will be riding stock Tomos Mopeds with a top speed of 30 mph

Plan of Travel


Start in New Haven on Rt. 10n to Cheshire 68w to 63n to Rt. 188w to 67n to Southbury . Rt. 6w to Newtown to 302w to Bethel 53s , 107 to Rt 7s to 35w Ridgfield to NY. 35w .


35w to Yorktown ,202w 9W south to 106w in Stoney Point to 17A north Warwick, 94w into NJ.


94w to Stoudsbury , RT 512 to PA.


512w Wind Gap ,895s to Pine Grove , 443s to Harrisburg .177s to Rt. 94w to 234w to 30w Stoystown , Rt. 281s to 40w Uniontown . Rt. 21w to WV Rt. 250


Rt .250 to 2w Parkersburg .Rt. 68w to 2w Huntington into KY.


Rt.60w Lexington Rt.62w to Palma . Rt. 45n to 94w to the Dorena Ferry and cross the Mississippi River .


Rt. 62w to Malben to AR.


Rt.62w to Gateway to Rt. 94w to 43n to OK


Rt. 25n to 59n to 60w Pond Creek . Rt. 64w Guymon . Rt. 54w to TX


Rt. 54w Dalhart to NM


Rt. 54w Tucumcari to Rt 209s to 268w to 60w to AZ


Rt . 60w to Phoinix . Rt. 72w to 95n to Parker to Ca.


Rt. 62w to 247n Yucca Vally to 18w to 138w to 2w Los Angeles To Santa Monica"

Re: TheMopedGuys.Com?

Hey! I'm only bout an hour from Uniontown! less actually... Maybe I could meet them along the route somewhere...

Re: TheMopedGuys.Com?

Barbie Parsons /

I saw these guys at a gas station in Gallipolis Ferry, WV on Oct. 3rd. They were doing great!!!! I gave the guys some money to help with their adventure. Good Luck to the both of you!!!

Barbie Parsons

PS I called the local news channel when I got home after meeting you. I hope they found you.

Re: TheMopedGuys.Com?

i hope our texas branch can hook up w/ them. that'd be awesome!

Re: TheMopedGuys.Com?

Wow,Barb! I feel bad now! I just took 2 125 mi. trips to that area the last coupla' weeks.It's only 40 mi.away and I could've rode with them for a ways,possibly to Ironton and then back up to Jackson.That's what I get for bein' old and slow.By the way,do you live down in that area or what?

Re: TheMopedGuys.Com?

I'd like to get ahold of them-and get an approximate scedule for 'em. It'd be nice to gawk and wish them luck.

Re: TheMopedGuys.Com?

Yeah! NEXT time we'll get a cell phone number or something.We're missin' out on photo ops' !! And I was wantin' to try to outrun them with my Motomarina! WAAAAHH !!

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