Did somebody say "pocketbikes" ??

Sorry... these are not mopeds.

But if you want to see a funny 'mini-movie' with pocketbikes running hard on fast curves down in the mountains near that "50cc rally" in Georgia.

...download this link (it is a 2 minute movie... and takes 15 or 20 min to d-load with a 56k modem.. it was worth it... LMAO!)


Re: Did somebody say "pocketbikes" ??

Wayne Broderick /


I was scared to death watching those guys passing cars going downhill. In the scene where the guy on the pocketbike crashes into the ditch and he picks it up and carries it back to the road, you can see how light it really is.

Thanks for posting that-- Those bike are so small, it seems almost insane...At least they had full gear on.


Re: Did somebody say "pocketbikes" ??

Boy... you must have a fast connection!

It took mine 20 minutes to load that.

I think the speed we perceive is faster than they are really going.

I am sure they are not going over 35 mph.

But it looks like 60 mph.

The funniest part is where the tall guy is using his hand to 'paddle' on the ground for acceleration.


Fast Connection (re: Pocketbike)

Wayne Broderick /

Yes, Portland, Maine was a "test run" for the RoadRunner Cable Internet service. We've had T-3 speeds since 1999.

It's a great system, although kind of pricey at 45$ a month.

We've got 5 computers hooked to it, in our living room. I've been wanting to post some photos of our set-up.

The wife and I are "total geeks". We're Macintosh only, but we can emulate the Windows environment if we need to.

3 Imacs, and an older Macintosh model. The fastest machine is only 600mz, but we added 256 + 128 megs of ram to it.

Although my wife and I use Mac at home, we both work in 'systems' at UNUM, so we solve PC stuff all day. If anyone ever needs help with something, we can probably figure it out.

Have fun, thanks again for posting that link!

Re: Fast Connection (re: Pocketbike)

There's that `Gadget Man' Broderick again! FIVE computers hooked to a special link in one room!

Re: Fast Connection (Photo)

Wayne Broderick /

Here's a picture of our living room. I have to admit, that a friend had brought his Ibook over, so there's an extra machine. We've only got one laptop.


Re: Fast Connection (Photo)

Reeperette /

You wouldn't happen to be any good at Interplay's Descent II...would ya ?

heh heh heh heh....

Bring friends....lots of em...

<--Finally got booted offa the old Kali nets for being a mite TOO good...


Re: Fast Connection (Photo)

Wayne Broderick /

Ree- I'm not good enough at descent to challenge you.

BUT, I'm a Mac-Warez animal. I've got it all. Graphic design to Games, and I'd be glad to burn stuff off for you.

No PC, but... well, anyway. if you want Descent 3, let me know.

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