I think its over heating

I recently put on a uni foam filter, but just today i noticed it giving much more heat off, I can feel the heat thru my shoes on the floorboard thing, and when I was checking the color on the spark plug which was a light tan/brownish, I could feel the heat from the clinder from a foot away. I put the filter in a couple of days ago and just today its doing this.


Re: I think its over heating

Wayne Broderick /

Sounds like "Scooter Trouble".

I don't know how much scooter knowledge there is around here--

Good Luck-- You'll need to include a lot more info to get help though.

What Kind of bike?

What year?

Unifoam-- that's an air filter? have you tried running it without an air filter, does it do the same thing?

Re: I think its over heating

Its not a "scooter" its a 1976 batavus, and yes the air filter is called UNI they are foam filters

Re: I think its over heating

Wayne Broderick /

Oh-- sorry about that, when you said "Floorboards" I assumed it was a scooter.

Does it heat up like you mention with no filter on it?

Thats why they are called "internal combustio

because there is gasoline and air being burned with FLAME ... so they get hot!

Nothing wrong with that.

The spark plug color is the key.

If it isn't going white... then it should be fine.

(but keep checking it.. till you are satisfied it isn't getting whiter)

And you can wrap some tape around the filter to let a little less air in if you have to.

Re: Thats why they are called "internal combu

Why do you have to be a smart ass, I know what happens in an engine, I'm just asking a question, I never felt heat coming from the floorboard thing before, and I was just asking.

"infernal combustion"

The point is they get good and hot... and guaging the heat with your hands or feet is not very usefull.

So...ignore the first sentence, and pay attention to the rest of it.

And let me tell you something... There is NO way to tell what all the people who ask questions here know... Many of them know very very little about anything mechanical.

So don't take a simplified response the wrong way.

Re: I think its over heating

Miniengine /

What was the color of your spark plug before you put the UNI filter on? I like the color of light tan/brownish and both the Batavus and Avanti seem to like that color also because they have logged many miles on just one spark plug.

Now might be the time to start increasing your jet size to see what your little Bat likes. My Bat is a heat demon since I shaved the head, modified the carb. and installed the UNI filter. I've rode the Bat long and hard so unless you're running lean there's nothing to worry about. Look on the bright side. Winters coming and you just increased the BTU's on your leg warmer.


Re: I think its over heating

lol, I never checked before the uni filter, but I did but in a bigger jet it seems to acclerate faster with it so I left it in.

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