I think its over heating

I recently put on a uni foam filter, but just today i noticed it giving much more heat off, I can feel the heat thru my shoes on the floorboard thing, and when I was checking the color on the spark plug which was a light tan/brownish, I could feel the heat from the clinder from a foot away. I put the filter in a couple of days ago and just today its doing this.


Re: I think its over heating

Might be too much air Nick! Restrict it some and see if it helps.You don't want a blow-torch melting your piston ,man.

Re: I think its over heating

You are running way lean now like Don says. You'll have to put the original filter on it or jet up to richen the mixture...

Not so fast

It may have been 'way too rich' before

If his spark plug isn't going white

it is not too lean

The spark plug color is what you go by... not somebodies perception that "it feels hot"

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