it wont work!

i am trapped with an old 70s moped. Its a jawa sport 2 10. It took a coulple of months but with tinkering i got it to run....45 mph! So now im feeling all happy when the damn thing wont start the very next morning! Im pretty sure its a carb problem but I cant get a new one and i dont know how to make adjustments. It starts on the choke but will just die when I take it off.!!!!!!!!


Re: it wont work!

Wayne Broderick /

Kph or Mph? That's pretty darn fast for a 'stock' 70's moped.

Are you mixing oil w/the gas?

Sounds like fuel too rich, not enough air or maybe the choke is stuck on?

dirty carb dirty carb dirty carb dirty carb

A bike that runs with the choke on then dies when you turn the choke off has clogged jets in the carb.

Click on 'resources' above... then 'articles'.... then "How to fix your Moped"

And find the part about cleaning your carb and follow the instructions.

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