hp from standard moped motor?

<HTML>How much horsepower does a norml moped motor produce?

I am building a flying trike (paracycle) and would prefer to use a reliable 2 cycle motor.

The rotax 503 provides about 50 hp and I am looking for something close.

Moped motors are much lighter and I don't need the weight.

Maybe around 40 hp. Is that possible ? </HTML>

RE: hp from standard moped motor?

<HTML>From what I can determine, the standard Moped Motor produces less than 2 HP. Here in Florida, the law allows any bikes or motorized vehicles of less than 5 hp a sort of limbo where they are neither Motorcycle or Bicycle, and still have to be registered with a tag, year sticker, Ect.

The little motor with the 50 cc capacity will get you running at speeds of about 30 mph and with modifications to the basic design, like the exhaust and backpressure, will travel at speeds around 10 to 15 miles per faster. The basic problem is this changes the definition of what a Moped and the Motorcycle are. You might be at less than 5 HP, but at the same time you would be tootling along at Motorcycle speeds and now can be classified as a MotorBike.


RE: hp from standard moped motor?

Angus MacEachern /

<HTML>Moped engines usually have 1.5 to 2 hp stock.</HTML>

RE: hp from standard moped motor?

<HTML>i have a honda vision ne-50, i need some more speed, help me!</HTML>

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