Argh... had a "soft seize" happen

Jamie Leonard /

Well my automatic oil mixer on my tomos crapped out, engine did a quick seize and shut down (I knew what had happened fortunately, so checked and then fixed up the oil mixer and meanwhile just let it cool) - since then it starts back up, runs just fine but theres is a touch of a slight buzzing occasionally when the engine is running at higher revs - what should I be checking if anything?

(Well besides keeping a better eye on the oil mixer ;)

BTW anyone out there tried the tomos revival? Am thinking of picking one up next season... love the looks and from appearances it gets rid of my only quibble with my targa, the too plasticky bodywork

Re: Argh... had a "soft seize" happen

your rings probably got pretty worn down and your cylinder now has a seize mark and mabye is all scored up. this is not a good thing you should get it checked at a shop

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