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Simon: What was the ticket for??

Dan: Are you ok? More details about the crash??

Dying for more info--wish I were there.

Simon, you ought to 'scan' the ticket and post it here.


Re: Race


Re: Race

dan is fine. he can tell the story best (and i didn't see it). it was crazy. a minivan went over his moped (after he ditched it while sliding across the street). the bike is wrecked ... but it can be push started. he actually got back on it and kept racing. very hard core.

simon ran a red light. many of us did. he's the only one who got caught. many of us also went the wrong way down one way streets. very busy streets. it was awesome. don't try that at home kids.

pictures of the race should be up soon. but it's a "gotta be there to believe it" type of thing. it's literaly a no rules race around town. you have to basically (1) survive (2) not get pulled over (3) be very fast. you have to get to a certain number of locations around town, get flyers from volunteers who hand them out (proof you were there), and get back to the starting point. you pick your own route and just try to beat other people back.

oh, and wear a helmet. dan's sure glad he did.

A lawsuit waiting to happen

I can't believe you guys do this race amongst general traffic in a downtown area.

It is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Scenario >>

Jonny Speed on his Pooch flies through a red light in a race organized and run by a known group and causes Daddy minivan to take evasive action and rides up over a curb and mows down a family of 3 he didn't see sitting behind a bush on a bench.

The US is the litigation capital of the world.

You guys need to wise up.

I am not criticizing... I am cringing at the thought of the organizers paying a percentage of their income for the rest of their lives to people who were injured.

At least run it out in the country where the only likely people to be hurt are the 'competitors'.

Certainly some of you must be having thoughts like this already.

Cross your fingers that nothing comes of this crash.

Re: A lawsuit waiting to happen

fred, you're right. i'm sure we'll be more careful in the future. but ... to be fair ... we do ride pretty carefully even in the race (even if we hate to admit it)

the reason why dan was hit was because he was already wiping out from some gravel and had no control. so he wasn't hit by the van, he was on the ground away from the whole thing. the bike went under a minivan and did almost no damage. the pedals were broken off at the crankshaft. but the engine was still running.

all of us will stop at a red light if cars are coming or something like that. we only run them (in the race) if there are no cars coming or whatnot. simon just got spotted by a cop. he didn't even run a red light at an intersection per se ... it was a train track (no train coming) that had a red light for the tracks and another up ahead at the intersection. since they're timed to go green at the same time, he was timing to not loose speed as he went through the first to make the second.

i only went down a one way street for about a block between a wave of cars to get to the next one way street on the other side (and went down it the right way). the other street that people went down the wrong way is a small street w/ light traffic and three lanes. i only say one motorcycle the whole way (and he was easy to avoid).

but ... we shoul be a bit more careful. dan was very very very very lucky.

Re: A lawsuit waiting to happen

Hi,you moped racing dudes! I hope you're listening to what Fred said about a less-trafficked area to run that race in.I was young and keen once,paid my dues in near-misses and endangered others too.I know it's fun and exciting right now,but you'll look back and shudder in horror when you get a little older.IF you get a little older.Really guys, you can lay out a course in a safer spot and dramatically reduce probabilities of clashes with uncaring or unalert drivers.I'm 49 yrs. old and I have seen some awful accidents,like Wayne's or Ree's.And like Fred said:Courts are handing out big settlements like candy to children.Hope I don't sound like an old `fuddy-duddy',but I probably am.Glad you had a lot of fun!

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